Mercenary Kings v1.1.0.10099 (+9 Trainer)

Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings v1.1.0.10099 (+9 Trainer) [LIRW]

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: Mercenary Kings
: 23 . 2015
:   PC
 ,    . (   )
 . (   )
 ... (    )
     6.5            :-D   -     32   170kb     6.4
Name: Mercenary Kings
Added: LIRW
Added: Oct 23. 2015
Category: Trainers for PC Games
Infinite Ammo.
Maximum precision and not randumny expansion chuck. (optional built-in Ammo)
Infinite money. (must be something to buy)
Infinite time.
The maximum chance Creed.
Firing the gun ... (The other weapons are not tested)
Instantaneous reloading weapons.
Game Version
Trainer is made on the new CE 6.5, as if it is not necessary now for the Compatibility to write  :-D As you can see - the size of the Trainer ready for x32 increased to 170kb unlike the version 6.4

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