Might and Magic 9 (SaveGame Editor)

Might and Magic 9 (SaveGame Editor)

Might and Magic 9 (SaveGame Editor)

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Might and Magic 9 Promotion Editor v0.3 BETA by Donovan Hawkins (http://www.physics.uci.edu/~hawkins/mm9promo.zip)
Version history:
 0.1:  First version: BETA!
 0.2:  Updated to handle parties with more than 1 NPC
 0.3:  Updated to handle savegames with money in the bank
 0.4:  Updated to handle savegames with items in the bank
WARNING: Please BACKUP your savegames before trying this, and be sure everything is working fine (check all the characters skills/inventory/stats) before  playing. Also check that you can change map areas, etc., once in the game.
 Please note that the size of the savegame CAN change after editing.
 To use: Run the program from anywhere and follow the listed steps. You can only edit one promotion quest at a time, though you can reload the same savegame after saving and edit another. The program will create a backup automatically called "mm9promo.bak" and will overwrite any file with this name (in the same directory as the file to be edited). This is ONLY a backup of the .HDR file; you MUST have a copy of the corresponding .MM9 file to use this backup (this backup is intended for correcting mistakes immediately...before the savegame is used and the MM9 file is changed).
What it does:
 Might and Magic 9 contains a list of quest "keys" that indicate what has been done so far. In particular, every promotion quest has the following:
  One or more keys to indicate that you have begun the quest
  One key for each character that is on the quest
  One key to indicate that you have completed the quest
  One key to indicate that you have turned in the quest (Initiate->Scholar will have another to indicate what color you chose)
 This program will allow you to add and remove the "character X is on this quest" keys by having you select a quest and indicating who is and is not on it. When you add a character to a quest, he/she will be removed from any other promotion quest automatically. If you have not yet completed that quest, you should be in exactly the same situation as if you had added that character from the beginning.
 If you have already turned in a quest and need to add a person, the editor will ALSO remove the "turned in quest" key. Simply turn in the quest again to promote the new character. Since this will give additional XP and gold, the editor can be used to remove this after the fact so be sure to write down the values.
Do NOT add characters to quests you do not have.
Known problems:
 There is currently no way to help people who have completed part of a quest before they were given that quest. I'll look into this further.
 If you add someone to a previously turned in quest, save the file, and then remove them later, the quest will remain in the "not turned in" state (because the editor has no way of knowing it should reset that key).
If you experience problems with the editor:
 FIRST download the latest version from http://www.physics.uci.edu/~hawkins/mm9promo.zip because your problem may already be solved. If that does not help, you can contact me at hawkins@uci.edu or ask other users in the Comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg newsgroup.
Donovan Hawkins

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