Mystic towers savegame editor

Mystic towers savegame editor

Mystic towers savegame editor

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What's up everyone...  here's yet another in the glorious saga of Saved Game
Editors by me, The Immortal.  This particular one kinda sucks, but then
again, I thought the game did too.  Mystic Towers from Apogee, that is.
It has about 0% reason for me to play it ever again.  But just incase you
like it, use this to get 255 gold pieces, sulphurs, venom clouds, heal
spells, and bombs.  Just run the program with the name of the saved game
you want to fix as the first parameter, and you'll be set to do whatever
you're supposed to in this game.  I never figured that out myself.  Ah
well, until my next release, later...
                                                        The Immortal


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