Nahid Earth 2160 v1.3.5 SSE (+7 Trainer)

Earth 2160 v1.3.5 SSE (+7 Trainer)


Earth 2160 v1.3.5 SSE (+7 Trainer)

Text file description:

                                          .    ''
                    .         .
           ''                                    .
                   T h e     N o v a     T e a m
                                 Earth 2160
                                *Bonus Maps*
                 (c)2005 ZUXXEZ Entertainment / Reality Pump
    Supplied By : TEAM TNT                 Release Date : 09/06/2005
     Cracked By : TEAM TNT                   Protection : Serial+Activation+X
    What is it? : Bonus Content             OS Required : Win2KXP
    Packaged By : TEAM TNT                   # of Files : 02 x 5.00 Meg
   Requirements : Win NT Kernels ONLY
                                Release Notes
This release is in reference to the UK (United Kingdom) Retail release of
"Earth 2160" which comes already upgraded with the v1.3 Patch.
 Firstly, when you realize that this game is wonderful, then GO BUY IT.
 It is a very awesome sequel to a previous top quality game.
 Don't be a dirty thief; the developers deserve your support.
We are a little late on this one because we were making a *Crack Fix* for the
Earth_2160_DVD release, but DEVIANCE did a proper first.  The Region Fix by TNT
is still good though.  People that use the "Earth_2160_DVD" release along with
the GNSDOX (PARADOX) keygen can still find worth in our Region Fix.  It's also
good for people that actually bought the game, importing it to their country.
Bonus Maps
10 unique & Official Maps for use in Multiplayer and Skirmish Modes.
Taken from the GERMAN "v1.11 Platinum Upgrade patch", we present you with the
Bonus Maps which were part of the *Platinum* upgrade.  That upgraded required
online registration before it could be downloaded.  These Maps are language
independent and thus work perfectly on the UK release.  They should also be
good for any other future Regional releases of the game, such as USA or FRENCH.
We have no idea if you can download these Maps after Registering the UK
release, but nonetheless it is a bad idea to try it with your 'pirated copy'.
The new maps will show up in the selection screen starting with: [BM]
      06-04-2005   Earth_2160_GERMAN_DVD-TNT
      06-13-2005   Earth_2160_v1.2_Patch_GERMAN_CRACKED-TNT
      09-06-2005   Earth_2160_Region_Fix-TNT
      09-06-2005   Earth_2160_Registration_Fix-TNT
      09-06-2005   Earth_2160_Crack_Fix-TNT (DEVIANCE beats us, hehe, we suck!)
      Don't forget who is skilled with such things.
More Info:
1. UnRAR the archive to your game directory, overwriting any existing files.
   Always unRAR with full paths!
2. Play as usual.
                                 TNT    News
  We are the REAL original TNT.  Any other groups who have tried to front as
  TNT over the years were just imposters.
  TNT knows that you all love the original SFV data in our NFO files.
  Too many "new" sites, using cookie-cutter scripts and that god-awful
  zipscript-c (aka project-zs), ruin all the nice SFV files in the scene!
                                 TNT Members
                You know who we are.  And we know who you are.
                                  The Greets
    Groups :  None (all alone in the night)
                                 TNT   Sites
  Try to find them..
                                 Joining TNT
  TNT works in all languages.
  We seek like-minded individuals who are able to provide or create software in
  any language for release into the scene.
  Like most 'respectable' groups, TNT is non-profit.
  We release for the challenge of reverse engineering, the excitement of the
  race to win against other groups, and the spirit of fair competition.
  Positions are open for the following.
   Crackers : Experienced programmers and debuggers with assembly language
              knowledge who can produce Cracks, such as NoCDs & the removal of
              commercial protections, for games and applications.
     Coders : Experienced programmers who can produce KeyMakers, Game Trainers,
              or SavedGame file editors.  (Assembly or C language is required)
 Game Ripper: Create ripped versions of full games.  Rips retain game
              functionality while having non-essential data (such as movies or
              music) stripped out.  People, especially those on slower dial-up
              connections, can try out a game rip before deciding to buy the
              full version.
   Scanning : Printed Box Art, CDs, & Manuals for new games and applications.
 FileHacker : Create All Access Enabled (Unlocked) SavedGames.
              Modify game data files to enable Cheated Stats.
              Scan game executables to locate Cheat Codes (no web thieves).
  Suppliers : Provide retail versions of new unreleased software, either games
              or applications.
    Siteops : 10mbit or faster sites on linux/unix with at least 100gigs space.
              Preference is for sites with sections of 0day, iso, dox, pda,
              or console exclusively.
              Before contacting us, please consider that Movie/Video or MP3
              sections are not desirable to us.  Big movie/mp3 sites that have
              iso, 0day, or dox as an afterthought are not for TNT.  Sorry.
What TNT does not need:
  Couriers, Pre Whores, Site/Bot Scripters, Thieves, Group Hoppers, Leechers,
  Narqs, Narcs, nor undercover agents.
                                 Contact TNT
  Those who seek TNT will find a way to get in touch with us.
  Just ask around for the #1 Dox group.
  TNT has no email address, nor a web site.  Any you find are surely fake.
  Header Logo : Super Nova [TNT]            NFO Layout : Super Nova
> Last Update by [Super Nova] <[01/18/2005]
                          " There can be only one! "

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