Need For Speed: Underground 2 v1.1 (+5 Trainer)

Need For Speed: Underground 2 v1.1 (+5 Trainer)

Need For Speed: Underground 2 v1.1 (+5 Trainer)

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                               proudly presents:
                Need for Speed Underground 2 v1.1 (c) EA Games
     Trained by .....: [POiZN]                Release Date .....: 01/2005
     Packaged by ....: [POiZN]                Game Type ........: Racing
                         Language .......: English
    F5  - Unlimited NOS
    F6  - Unlimited Money
    F7  - Add $10000
    F8  - Disable 'Blown Engines'
    F9  - Unlimited Time
    F10 - Back to Normal
    Unlimited NOS:
    It's not really unlimited because it does decrease. But when you release
    your NOS key it will be refilled.
    Unlimited Money:
    Stops Money from decreasing when purchasing from any shop.
    Add $10000:
    Adds $10000 to your bank.
    Disable 'Blown Engines':
    I hate it when I want to drive at full speed on a Drag and my engine is
    fucked up. So I decided to make this little option which stops the
    overloading from your cars engine on Drag Races.
    Unlimited Time:
    Stops time from decreasing.
    Back to Normal:
    Clears the effect of Unlimited NOS, Unlimited Money, Disable 'Blown
    Engines' and Unlimited Time.
    1 - Unpack to Gamedir
    2 - Run Trainer
    3 - Start game via Trainer
    4 - Use hotkeys
    If you have not the English/US version of this game, use the FixedEXE
    from RELOADED.
    If your group/team is looking for a new (Trial-)Member mail:

    Note: [POiZN] is NOT a group/team in any way.
               AGES, HOODLUM, RELOADED, TNT, BlackMagic, MYTH & Drax

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