Outlast v1.0.0.1 trainer (+13)

This Trainer is made for the Game Version

1. Start Game 2. Start Trainer 3. Press Insert to activate Speed and Teleport Hack 4. Use shown hotkeys for usage

GodMode: Unlimited Health Increase Speed: Run faster by 0.5 each time you press f3 Normal Speed: Reset your walking / running speed No Energy Use: Unlimited Camera Save Current Location: Save Location where you are at Go To Saved Location: Teleport to location you were Position X Moving +-50 -> move player +-50 in X Position Y Moving +-50 -> move player +-50 in Y Position Z Moving +-100 -> move player +- 100 in Z

NOTE: The Trainer might not work if you are using another version of the game.

Trainer made by Punk3rZ @ megagames.com/users/Punk3rZ