Pearl Harbor: The Day of Infamy (+2 Trainer)

Pearl Harbor: The Day of Infamy (+2 Trainer)

Pearl Harbor: The Day of Infamy (+2 Trainer)

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                       P R E S E N T S:
       Pearl Harbor: The Day of Infamy PLUS 2 TRAiNER
   Cracker : Team Black Magic                      Thanks to   : Bob
   Supplier: GAME                                  Type        : Trainer
   Packer  : Team Black Magic                      Size        : 01x5    MB
   Section : [ ] 0DAY                              Release Date: 20/07/2003
             [] DOX
         Release Notes:
  Man you Battle Stations! Zeros are dive-bombing your positions as the sky
  turns black with enemy fighters hell-bent on destroying the entire fleet.
  Immediately you engage enemy pilots from your gunship and fill the air
  with anti-aircraft artillery. It's up to you to bring down these hostile
  planes before they reek havoc on your entire squadron and deplete your
  You're the command leader and a nation is counting on you.
  * Ship-to-air & sea defensive battle stations with 100s of missions
  * Realistic 40mm Anti-Aircraft fixed deck gun
  * WWII era classified armanets and radar
  * Progressive missions with sophisticated enemy AI
  * Detailed historical section covering the history of Pearl Harbor
         Install Notes:
   1. Unrar/zip
   2. Run bm.exe
   3. Use in-game keys:
      F1 - Infinite Time
      F2 - Infinite Life
      F3 - Return to Normal
         Group News / Greets:
    Black Magic was founded by 2 boys from Europe. Since there was so much
     hatred in the scene we decided to found a nice group with "no nazi".
    Black Magic is always looking for new, enthousiastic members that want
                     to help out every way that they can.
    We are currently looking for:
     - Dedicated Crackers/Trainers/Cheaters
     - Legal Shell Accounts (yes LEGAL)
     - 10+Mbit sites for affiliation
     - Nice girls with big breasts to keep us company :)
     If you think you can fill one of these positions, you can mail us at
           Black Magic Greets all their fellow sceners in:
      The Late FAiRLiGHT - iMMERSiON - Centropy
              |   __   |   |
                              |   __ <      |
                         BLACK MAGIC
           Team Black Magic 2003
           NFO: CoaXCable/CoolPHat [CPH]

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