Pizzadox Psychonauts v1.01 (+11 Trainer)

Psychonauts v1.01 (+11 Trainer)


Psychonauts v1.01 (+11 Trainer)

Text file description:

                   . .. p r o u d l y   p r e s e n t s .. .
 *        Psychonauts v1.01 PLUS 11 TRAINER *REPACK* (C) PiZZADOX        *
   Release Date .....: 05-09-05                  Disks .....: 01 x 5.00mb
   Release Type .....: Trainer                   Options ...: Plus 11
 [ R e l e a s e   N o t e s ]
   Repack Info:
   Man, I suck. Fixed a bug causing crashing and added another option ;
   Unzip/Unrar trainer into your game  directory, then start trainer with
   "pztrain.exe". Start the game using the launch button. During gameplay
   toggle trainer  options by  pressing the  following key  combinations:
      Hotkey              Option
      F1                  Infinite Health
      F2                  Toggle Infinite PsiBlast Ammo
      F3                  Toggle Infinite PsiShield
      F4                  Toggle Infinite Invisibility
      F5                  Get All Powers
      F6                  Get All Items
      F7                  Get 9999 Lives
      F8                  Get Max Rank
      F9                  Get 9999 Arrowheads
      F10                 Get 9999 PsiBlast/Confusion Ammo
      F11                 Toggle Multiple Jumping*
      F12                 Toggle In-Game Menu*
      Multiple Jumping:
      This option lets you jump while in midair, helps in getting to hard
      to reach places ;p.
      In-Game Menu:
      You must place the trainer in the same directory as Psychonauts.exe
      and launch the game from the trainer for the in-game menu to work.
            If you can not, or do not want to respect our work,
             then do NOT bother posting this info on your site
                    without proper credit where due.
                 " You Get Nothing And You Become Nothing "
 [ G r e e t i n g s ]
   PiZZADOX gives away cold beer and fresh PiZZA to our KNOWN friends in
 * B E C A U S E   W E   C A N *
 [01-01-03][nfo by nmls]


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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