iRRM Prison Tycoon 2: Maximum Security (Money Trainer)

Prison Tycoon 2: Maximum Security (Money Trainer)


Prison Tycoon 2: Maximum Security (Money Trainer)

Text file description:

                          Prison Tycoon 2:
                                  Maximum Security
                                    (c) ValuSoft
          Release Info
           Date ....... : 2oo6-o9-16
           Options .... : o1
           Hotkey ..... : Function
           F11......... : Unlimited money
          Birthday Note
           Oh yes, here it is.. the first birthday of Team Interregnum..
           It's been a rather good 12 months start of the group, with first
           release on 0913 (Squad_Assault_Second_Wave_Plus_1_Trainer-iRRM)
           and latest release 0916 (Joint_Task_Force_Plus_3_Trainer-iRRM),
           all-in-all 87 releases!
           It's been some lazyness now during the summer, but we're coming
           back strong this autumn!
           We stand for quality and pride in what we do, sure we have our
           misses and minor failures too, but we're only human!
           Big greets to the competition in the dox-scene and the rip-scene..
               ~*~ TNT ~ VACE ~ DVN ~ PiZZA ~ FAS ~ aSxDOX ~ RiTUEL ~*~
           Hard and good work deserve respect.
           We also spit on all pubbers, wwwlers, fxplers and faghats..
                           ~*~ iRRM 2006 ~ BOYAKASHA! ~*~
          Install Info
           1. UnRAR to any directory.
           2. Run iRRM_PT2_Trainer.exe
           3. Start or the game.
           4. Use the hotkeys to activate the functions.
           5. Enjoy this fine trainer!
           We are looking for:
           - Experienced rippers.
           - Talented coders (preferably C, C++, ASM or Delphi).
           - Talented reverse-engineers (unpacking of commercial protections)
           - Individuals with access to new unreleased games.
           - 30Mbps+ sites for affiliation.
           Whores n beer are always welcome too.. cheers!
          Team Interregnum 2006

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