Privateer savegame maxxer

Privateer savegame maxxer

Privateer savegame maxxer

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        Well, Privateer turned out to be a visually stunning game ..
Although it can be a bit tough at times, so to help you out, I coded up this
little Save Game Creator. Took me about 10 mins, just looked for certain
bytes, etc .. Run the prog, and it will prompt you for a filename (i.e.:
DS-PRIV) and it will at on the .SAV extension. Then it will ask you for
a Name (17 chars max) and a Callsign (14 chars max) .. You will be started
at the beginning of the game, with the best ship, best equipment, and
99,999,999 credits. Enjoy!
Greets: Yahoo's to all the Dead Weight members ... and a special thanx to
        Razor 1911 PC for this incredible release!
P.S.  : Sorry this one was released 2 days after it was written .. I was in
        a large car accident and all the DW members are AWOL.
                                                        - DarkSider


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