Punch Club v1.39 (+10 Trainer) [FutureX]

Punch Club

Punch Club v1.39 (+10 Trainer) [FutureX]

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Punch Club v1.0-v1.39 Plus +10 Trainer
___Hotkeys & Effects____
HOME    Active Trainer
Num1    Infinite Health
Num2    Infinite Food
Num3    Infinite Mood
Num4    Infinite Energy
Num5    Infinite Fame
Num6    Infinite Money
Num7    Infinite Skill Points
Num8    Max Gain Training end of day
Num9    Fight: Auto Win!
Num0    Game: Super Speed
-- Get ready to fight then activate "Fight: Auto Win"
-- Get finished the day then activate "Max Gain Training"
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