Pure (+6 Trainer)

Pure (+6 Trainer)

Pure (+6 Trainer)

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                          - ascii by Shaikh Adeel
                            - modded by Wiccaan
                                  ExTaLiA Gamehacking Team
                                  eXtalia Proudly Presents
     [ Releaser Name   ] ..... [Psych]
     [ Releaser Email  ] ..... psych[at]live[dot]co[dot]uk
     [ Release Name    ] ..... Pure +6 Trainer
     [ Release Type    ] ..... Trainer
     [ Release Version ] ..... v1.0
     [ Release Size    ] ..... 1x Small
     [ Release Date    ] ..... 29/09/2008
     [ Game Source     ] ..... Reloaded
     [ Game Size       ] ..... 5.42 MB (5,685,248 bytes)
     [ Game Version    ] ..... v1.0 (v1.0.0.1)
                                       Release Usage
       [Trainer Usage]
       1) Start the game and the trainer in any order
       2) Refer to the notes below
       3) Enjoy!
       [Scene Notes]
       It seems, certain individuals think I am receiving 'help' for my trainers and
       my options, or even ripping options from other trainers!! This could not be
       further from the truth. I work hard for my releases, but do this entirely for
       fun, and not to make a profit or prove anything to anyone. It wasn't so long
       ago that these accusations were floating around towards Brewers.
       Some people need to get a life. Its obvious who the rippers really are.
       On with the show...
       [Security Software Note]
       Certain modern security applications including anti-viruses, firewalls,
       anti-spyware and other similar programs can prevent a trainer from working
       properly. The purpose of a trainer is to intercept and change certain areas
       of a game's memory in order to achieve certain effects.
       Some software could see this as a threat and block access.
       Because of this, please make sure you temporarily disable any such software,
       or add the trainer to an exception/whitelist if you encounter problems.
       [Windows Vista Note]
       If you are a windows vista user, please make sure you run the trainer and the
       game in administrator mode (right-click the game shortcut to find this option)
       Also, it may be worth trying Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode if you have any
       further issues when running under the Vista OS.
       All trainers are for use under 32-bit operating systems unless specifically
       stated otherwise. Make sure your game version matches. The trainer may work
       fine but has not been tested under those scenarios.
       [Cheat Functions]
       --> [Num 0] :: Freeze Timer at 1-Minute <--
       This will cause the tutorial timer to freeze at 60 seconds, allowing you ample
       time to complete the required lap. This should also work for other timed
       events in the game, but has not been tested in all scenerios.
       --> [Num 1] :: Infinite Fuel <--
       This will freeze your ATV fuel at max, so in freestyle mode you can ride for
       as long as you want. This can also be quickly toggled to act as a refill hack.
       --> [Num 2] :: Add 5000 Score <--
       Each time this hotkey is pressed you will receive an additional 5000 score.
       This will not be visible on-screen until you complete a trick.
       --> [Num 3] :: Prevent Opponents Scoring <--
       This is pretty cool. It will prevent your opponents from getting any score.
       Any score they gain from a trick will be negated. So when they land they
       don't get anything, allowing you to win a little easier.
       --> [Num 4] :: Max Boost <--
       Select this hack to increase your boost/trick meter to its max.
       Leave it enabled for infinite boost, or toggle it quickly for a refill.
       --> [Num 5] :: Always Finish First <--
       As long as you activate this before you finish the race you will always win!
       On the end-race leaderboard, you might see that it seems to 'glitch' a little
       which strange empty race positions, but nevertheless, you win :-)
       Greetz fly out to (in no order): Team Extalia, Sunbeam, STN, Wiccaan Lab, CES,
       Brewers, ASXDox, Unleashed and all those keeping the gamehacking scene alive!
                                     JOIN THE EXTALIERS
        If you think you are good enough to join the extalia project and release varius
        trainers/editors then dont hesitate to fill the membership application! Simply
        visit us at:
           The Extalia directory is respected by the Extalia council and members.
                Copyrights, Works, Trademakrs, etc. to their respected owners.
         Our IRC Channel: irc://irc.ffact.org/eXtalia   Peace out and keep it real!
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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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