PWZ Dracula: Days of Gore (Unlocker)

Dracula: Days of Gore (Unlocker)


Dracula: Days of Gore (Unlocker)

Text file description:

       _______  _______     ________     ____    ____
          ||||___/ ||________||  ||
    /\______,|||/`      /        _|  ||
            |_   ||_       |____       `| __ ||
          /|  ||       <|        |/||
    /       `|___ ||__/   /   /____||/        /|
   `        ||||     ||`       |/  |
   Size: 663040 Bytes
   Ripper: ReeBSaW
   SuppLier: ReeBSaW                                                         
   Releasedate: 12-09-2007
   Requirements: Dracula_Days_of_Gore-ARMADA
   Three propered + 2 extra options for ya:
   F1 - Unlimited Ammo, take the crossbow and shoot them instant dead! Or
        just use another weapon, ow yea endless projectiles:O...
   F2 - Unlimited Energy, now you can spook around with invisibility and
        leave your flashlight on! Great huh.
   F3 - Unlimited Health, your a vampire yourself! You cannot die...:O       
   F4 - Instant Crystals, find one crystal and you don't have any left to
        search for.
   F5 - Instant Hostages, find one hostage, and you've gottem all.           
   Option 4 and 5 are handy if you missed some hostage or a crystal, but for
   completing the mission you will have to kill all dracula types that appear
   . (those dudes that you have 2 of in the first level and won't die from
      feeding them sticks). So these options are only for backing you up...
   Proper notes: we are propering this release:
   Because of the fact that this game uses codeshifting and requires some
   other tactic. Something that JMP didn't/didn't notice. Every option is
   in the "DraculaGamePlugin.vplugin" module. This means every pc can have
   different offsets when the plugin is loaded. And that means the trainer
   of JMP doesn't work at all and let's the game crash. We tested it on 5 pc
   's and all had other offsets. JMP's trainer caused the game to crash HARD.
   Sorry guys:(                                                              
   PROPER SHORT: JMP TRAINER doesnt work.                                    
                   Weird game tho....
                           ``   F%yhazk
  [Group NFO]                                                `|ooo"  `MMRd=?ah
                  ` h$gkymgqm:VMMHhi(y
   RELOADED                                   `         gyyyyphhhzssq$8Kmz=(x
   AVANGED                                kzxNOF}_ ```ihpahhzhhoaazhxsh$Tb=oa
   VITALITY                              1xkmyhhR#0 ` hzuzazaxzaazoxrir$ddry)
   VLISO                                 pkdI$pkkhRWK$pasonzaaa&aaot||))ybbm*
   RAZOR1911                             kdyJbkImmmkRKxa&nhxhx&&atan<*||=+ey}.
   FLT                                   >Imk?i&kmIIy9keaxi<|(nx&&uu}|<|(=/ib-
   aSxDOX                                 $kx)?tnxLLxsau&|*|*:*oan&&}**)(===x
   BREWERS                                adk?}\1kkx&xz*****:*|n&v&=*|<
   PIZZADOX                                kx)}>ihdxx}*}}***}**=&u&n}*?N%#?)
   and some more, but it doesnt fit:P      ?kk)=ahkx}*}***!**}!*-&env*|W%W9i
   you know who you are;)                   `syahph=***:*([i1)(*:?&&&||f0F0%H[
                        Greetz!              kpkpua>|:*}*NK%KF***"e&a*i5F##Wy
  PLease contact us for the following:        NJf=?|iWM%M%%WFAa1=}((|2FF+i$MWW
 1) Good and friendly game hackers...     :    t1J=N%WWMW%WF3((}>!>>WF88r(iMM$
 2) Pre game pre's;)                      ~~"   vty%%M%W%#%%}=i(}!}>)OKp(iM#
 3) Affil sites, prefered gbit.             "}  !aB%WM%%WW%KipYz>}}}}>>*!(rK,
 4) Fun!:D                                     ` `A#%W#%W#%%]]==)}|!>!"!!fO9
 ***************************************              O%WWW##E8PTa]t1fftD
 *  Mail:              *                  F9Y     PVJHS
      [NFO design by n00cL30n & anton-]
                        [Team ReeBSaW: In the scene since 2001=====---------EoF]

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