PWZ Spongebob Squarepants: Nighty Nightmare (Unlocker)

Spongebob Squarepants: Nighty Nightmare (Unlocker)


Spongebob Squarepants: Nighty Nightmare (Unlocker)

Text file description:

fadein bub2 2 1
fadein scary2 2 1
setobjvar scary2 can_collide true
fadein bub2 2 1
fadein scary3 2 1
setobjvar scary3 can_collide true
fadein bub2 2 1
fadein scary1 2 1
setobjvar scary1 can_collide true
var float oldtime
var int test
var int music
var float levelselected
var float binknum
set binknum = 0
set levelselected = 0
show movie1
show movie2
show movie3
hide rollover
setobjvar movie1 puffycloud 1.8
setobjvar movie2 puffycloud 1.8
setobjvar movie3 puffycloud 1.8
setobjvar rollover puffycloud 1.8
show movie4
show movie5
show movie6
show movie7
show movie8
show movie9
show movie10
setobjvar movie4 puffycloud 0
setobjvar movie5 puffycloud 0
setobjvar movie6 puffycloud 0
setobjvar movie7 puffycloud 0
setobjvar movie8 puffycloud 0
setobjvar movie9 puffycloud 0
setobjvar movie10 puffycloud 0
hide rollover
hide creditsglow
hide backglow
script unlockit movie4 menu	gamov_sb_mid.tga
script unlockit movie5 menu	gamov_pat_mid.tga
script unlockit movie6 menu	gamov_plank_mid.tga
script unlockit movie7 menu	gamov_sb_bad.tga
script unlockit movie8 menu	gamov_pat_bad.tga
script unlockit movie9 menu	gamov_plank_bad.tga
Playsound soundsdreammusic.wav true music
wait .1
                        __________  __      ____________
                        \______   /      /  \____    /
                         |     ___/   //   / /     /
                         |    |             / /     /_
                         |____|      \__/  / /_______
                                          /          /
   ------------------------          NFO           ------------------------
                           modified game scripts to
                         enable the nightmare episode
                          of each character and also
                              unlocks all movies
                   extract pwz.rar to Spongebob install dir
                  (keep structure, overwrite existing files)
                                 We're hiring
   ------------------------        RESPECT         ------------------------
   fas tnt asx irrm pizza

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