Realms of arkania trainer

Realms of arkania trainer

Realms of arkania trainer

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STARED Version 1.00
Copyright (c) L&S Publishing 1995
Party Editor for SIR-TECH's
Realms of Arkania - Star Trail
This program is in no way supported or accepted by Sir-Tech Software Inc.
This software is distributed as is, with no warranty of any kind,
either expressed or implied.  No warranty or guarantee is made that
this software is complete or error free.  All liability and risk
associated with the use of this software is assumed by the user.
Under no circumstances will we be held responsible for any damages
arising from the use, or the inability to use this product.  This
applies to all damages and remedies including, but not limited to,
loss of or damage to property, and loss of profits.
This is a simple party editor for Star Trail.  Copy STARED.EXE to the same
directory that contains STAR.EXE.  From this directory type STARED.  You
will be presented with a list of saved games that can be edited.  Use the
arrow keys to move up and down the list, and press enter when the game
you want to edit is highlighted in black.  Next you will see a list of your
characters and party funds.  Choose which you want to edit and press enter.
If you choose party funds you can now edit your party's funds by either
typing the amount you want them to have or pressing Page Up to increase the
value or Page Down to decrease the value.
If you choose one of your characters you will see a list of items that you
can edit.  Under each heading is a set of attributes, skills or spells that
you can edit.  You can use Page Up or Page Down also to move up and down
a page at a time.  You edit these values the same way that you did with
the party funds.  Remember that these values have limits.  If you enter a
number above the maximum it will be set a the maximum value, likewise if
you enter a number below the minimum it will be set at the minimum value.
One thing needs to be said about attributes.  Most have current and normal
values.  The current value may be higher if you are using magic items or it
may be lower if you were hurt in some way.  If you have magical items that
effect your attributes you need to be careful when editing attributes.  For
example say you have a belt of might on and you change your current and normal
strength to 20.  When you take off the belt your current strength will go
down to 15.  This can be harmful unless you know how it works.
Since some values are not updated automatically, like ATPA values, you could
cast an Increase ST spell after you have given yourself more strength.  This
would increase your current ST points, but would also update your ATPA
values when the spell was cast and when the spell wore off you could take
advantage of your new normal strength values without having to wait until
you go up a level.
When you exit STARED and save your files you will have to load the file
from inside Star Trail in order for your changes to take effect.  The game
that is automatically loaded when you start Star Trail will not have your
changes in it.
Here is a list of maximum and minimum values that are available for each
POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES             8 to 20
NEGATIVE ATTRIBUTES             1 to 8
     Life Points (LP)           1 to 999
     Astral Points (AP)         1 to 999
     Experience Points (EP)     1 to 1,000,000,000
SKILLS                        -20 to 18
SPELLS                        -20 to 18
Some of the attributes are not able to be edited because they are updated
by the program and it would be pointless to change them.  Some attributes
are updated when you go up a level, the ones I have seen are Magic
Resistance (MR) and your ATPA values, and some are updated by the program
automatically like Endurance.
When you register you will recieve the most recent version of STARED which
will include several items that are not found in this version.  One of the
improvements that is in place so far is a training menu that will allow you
to set all negative values to zero, heal the players, add 1 to each of
your skills or spells, and set all current attributes to max levels
while leaving normal attributes where they are.  And more items will be
added as I recieve your input and play the game more myself.
For registration information print the file ORDER.FRM.
Bug reports, comments or suggestions can be sent to the address below.
L&S Publishing
2338 E St. #6
Lincoln, NE  68510
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