Red Faction 2 *German* (+4 Trainer)

Red Faction 2 *German* (+4 Trainer)

Red Faction 2 *German* (+4 Trainer)

Text file description:

                           D  A  R  K  N  e  Z  Z
            Red Faction 2
                *GERMAN* Plus 4 Trainer
       Release Date..: 8th June 2003
     Trained by....: TEAM DARKNeZZ
                                    Protection........: -
                                    Number Of Files...: 1
                               G A M E  N O T E S
                Trainer Optionen:
                CTRL + F1 = unendlich Healthkits
                CTRL + F2 = unendlich Pistol Ammo
                CTRL + F3 = unendlich MG Ammo
                CTRL + F4 = unendlich Granaten
    DARKNeZZ since 2001
                                      /Team DARKNeZZ
                             G R E E T S
                STN - FAiRLiGHT - GiMPSRUS - ESI
                         BLZ -  DFStars - Battery - LAG


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