Red Ocean (+12 Trainer)

Red Ocean (+12 Trainer)

Red Ocean (+12 Trainer)

Text file description:

         brings you..
                             Red Ocean PLUS 12 TRAINER
           Release Date [ 01/20/2008
            Release Size [ 1x5.0mb         Platform  [ WinXP
            Release Type [ Trainer         Game Type [ FPS
                                           Supplier  [ iTWINS
             #    Hotkey              Option
             1    F2                  Toggle Infinite Health
             2    F3                  Toggle Infinite Ammo
                  F4                  Toggle Infinite Grenades
             3    F5                  Toggle Grenade Master
             4    F6                  Toggle Infinite Flashlight
             5    F7                  Toggle Infinite Air
             6    F8                  Toggle Infinite Compressed Oxygen
             7    F11                 Toggle Super Accuracy
             8    F12                 Toggle Enable Teleport System
                  NUMPAD1                    Save Position
                  NUMPAD2                    Load Position
             9    NUMPAD3             Toggle No Recoil
             10   NUMPAD4             Toggle One Hit Kill
             11   NUMPAD5                    Super Fast Zoom
             12   NUMPAD6             Toggle Super Zoom
         F2 - Infinite Health
         You will get infinite health and won't die when an enemy shoots you.
         F3 - Infinite Ammo
         You will get infinite ammo, including all plasma/laser weapons.
         F4 - Infinite Grenades
         You will get infinite grenades. Like ReeBSaW and VACE, we seperated
         this option from Infinite Ammo, but UNLIKE them, we don't COUNT this
         as a seperate option. Ammo is an abbreviation of Ammunition, and
         Ammunition includes ALL sorts of ammo. Be it weapon bullets, mines,
         grenades, etc. Counting has to be learnt.
         F5 - Grenade Master
         After you have enabled this option, throw some grenades towards some
         enemies (they won't explode). Then, when you think the time is right,
         press the hotkey again and.. Well, you will see what happens..
         F6 - Infinite Flashlight
         Your flashlight will never run out of energy.
         F7 - Infinite Air
         When sprinting, you will never run out of air anymore.
         F8 - Infinite Compressed Oxygen
         You will get infinite compressed oxygen.
         F11 - Super Accuracy
         While sprinting you will still have the same shooting accuracy as
         while you are standing.
         F12 - Enable Teleport System
         After this option has been enabled press
         NUMPAD1 to save your current position, or
         NUMPAD2 to restore the previously saved position of your player.
         NUMPAD3 - No Recoil
         After this option has been enabled you have to switch your weapon at
         least once. Then when you are using a weapon that normally 'blows'
         your character away a bit (there arent many that do), there will be
         no recoil anymore.
         NUMPAD4 - One Hit Kill
         Kill any enemy with only one hit.
         NUMPAD5 - Super Fast Zoom
         When right-clicking while using some weapons you can zoom. With this
         option enabled, the zoom speed will be increased, so you don't need
         to wait until the zoom ends.
         NUMPAD6 - Super Zoom
         After enabling this option and zooming with your weapon, you will
         be able to make headshots from a very good distance.
         Install Notes
         1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
         2. Run the trainer from any directory
         3. Launch the game
         4. Toggle desired Options on/off
        Team BReWErS is currently looking for
          * 100mbit+ affil sites
          * 10mbit+ dumps for exclusive use
          * Shell supplier
        Don't hesitate to contact us at
         Greetings are flying out to:
                             all FRiENDS and DOX lovers
                           biggup the uri gellar bevsters
                             ascii by h8/HiGHONASCii                    


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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