ReeBSaW Dawn of Magic (+3 Trainer)

Dawn of Magic (+3 Trainer)


Dawn of Magic (+3 Trainer)

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                        ASCii done by:
                gERMAN gAMEhACKING zONE 2007
                          PROUDLY PRESENTS:
              Dawn of Magic +8 Trainer (c) Deep Silver
 Supplied by.: GGHZ               Game Type...: RPG
 Trained by..: GGHZ               Release Size: 1x0,5MB
 Release Date: 09.05.2007         Language....: MULTi5
 Release Type: Trainer            Options.....: +8
    E - Infinite Health
    L - Infinite Chi
    P - infinite Health Potions
    N - Infinite Chi Potions
    T - Get Stat Points
    Z - Get Skill Points
    R - Get Spell Points
    U - Get Massive Gold
    B - All Back to Normal
     :..E - Infinite Health
      You get health infinitely
      even the bosses can't anything you  :D
     :..L - Infinite Chi
      You get chi infinitely
     :..P/N Potions
      You never out you potions
     :..T - Get Stat Points
      With the next level up you have enough Stat point
     :..Z - Get Skill Points
      You have enough skill points for your abilities
     :..R - Get Spell Points
      You have enough spell points for your magic abilities
     :..U - Get Massive Gold
      You get enough gold with it everything can buy :D
    1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
    2. Run the trainer
 We are still looking for new members, feel free to contact us if
 you're have the following skills...:
 Coding.......: Programms, Trainers, hack savegames ...etc.
 Made Trainers: New Games, debugging DMA ...etc
 Wir suchen immer neue Talente, wenn ihr folgendes koennt, dann
 meldet euch...:
 Coden....: Programme, Trainer...usw.
 Trainen..: Aktuelle Games, DMA aushebeln...usw.
                   To all Gamers and Gamehackers
       .nfo last updated on 04.03.2007 - betablocker^gghz          


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