Rocket Knight (+7 Trainer)

Rocket Knight (+7 Trainer)

Rocket Knight (+7 Trainer) [HonestGamer/ACE]

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HonestGamer/Team ACE Presents:-
"Rocket Knight +7 Trainer"
Well I wonder why this game crashed whenever I tried to do code injection in my own way, but it seemed to work when I tried a different method - And it now works well. But you need to go through some steps on how to use it.
First, just run the game and the trainer in any order, should not matter. And just activate options via hotkeys.
Options Info:-
1) Toggle Health Options: This option will toggle the health options, which are "Unlimited Health" and "One Hit Kill". Deactivating this option will not make them work, so you need to activate this first in order to enjoy those options.
2) Unlimited Health: This option gives you mega health and freezes it there. To use this option, you need to use my switch function (Same applies to One Hit Kill):-
i) Enter the value "1" (By default) on the corresponding textbox, and then activate the option by its hotkey.
ii) Return to game, you will see that the option has taken effect.
Any values except for "1" will not be taken under consideration for activating the option. To deactivate the option, you again need to take some steps:-
i) Enter any value in the corresponding textbox except "1", and re-activate that option by its hotkey.
ii) This game does not accept immediate changes, so you will see that the option still has its effect. Just restart the level or wait for some game routines to go through so that the game accepts the value, and the health routine gets normal again.
iii) If you don't like waiting nor restarting the level, then simply deactivate "Toggle Health Options" return to the Trainer, edit the values in the corresponding text box (Except "1"), and reactivate the selected option first (Unlimited Health or One Hit Kill), and then "Toggle Health Options".
This did the trick for me.
3) One Hit Kill: With this option, you can kill enemies with just one hit! Read the steps above to learn on how to toggle it. I personally do not recommend this option since standard enemies can be easily killed. I have not tested this option against bosses, but it should work!
4) Unlimited Burst: This option freezes the burst meter at its full power so you can enjoy your powers indefinately.
5) Unlimited Lives: This option freezes your lives at 99. So there is no fear of getting killed.
6) No Timer: This option rips off the Timer function in the game, so it will always be set at 0.
7) Maximum Score: This option freezes your score at 999999999. Enjoy the highest score, baby!
8) Unlimited Credits: This option freezes your credits at 999999. So no need to get frustrated over losing all your lives!
That's it. Keep in mind that none of the options have immediate effect, so you need to make the effort on triggering the respective routines so that the values get accepted (Like lose a life, score at something, etc).
So enjoy and happy cheating!
Warm regards,

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