Rogue Trooper (Unlocker)

Rogue Trooper (Unlocker)

Rogue Trooper (Unlocker)

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                                          .    ''
                    .         .
           ''                                    .
                   T h e     N o v a     T e a m
                                Rogue Trooper
                          (c)2006 Rebellion / Eidos
    Supplied By : TEAM TNT                 Release Date : 07/12/2006
     Cracked By : TEAM TNT                   Protection :
    What is it? : Unlocker                  OS Required : WinXX
    Packaged By : TEAM TNT                   # of Files : 01 x 5.00 Meg
   Requirements : The Game
                                Release Notes
      There was a problem with our last unlocker.  The "Salvage" was not 100%
      working.  It shows up in the Extras Menu, but not inside the game.  And
      you need it accessible inside the game in order to buy the Upgrades/Ammo.
      Also, observe the previous release:
      06-01-2006  Rouge.Trooper.UNLOCKER-Unleashed
      Unfortunately, "Unleashed" has not fully unlocked all of the content.
      Their unlocker has only 4 Cheats, while ours gives you 6 to choose from.
      Also for those curious minds out there, the reason for the presumed DUPE
      of their unlocker by TNT was because "Unleashed" has also used a bad
      The game is Rogue Trooper, not Rouge Trooper.  They have the 'g' and 'u'
      reversed, which resulted in poor TNT being unable to find their release
      when dupe-checking.  Nonetheless, ours is PROPER as shown above, so we
      avoid being labeled as DUPE.  It was sheer luck that ~Unleashed~ missed
      some Cheats and that our unlocker already had them.  Or else the TNT
      release would have been a DUPE.
      Somehow, and this is really weird, we always manage to find a problem
      with another group's release when we make a mistaken DUPE, which converts
      our "DUPE" into a *PROPER*.  Honestly, as already said, it's weird luck :)
A SavedGame giving you access to all of the areas of the game.
         All 3 Difficulty Settings
         All 13 Levels
         All 6 In-game Cheats
         All 21 Cinematics
         All Items (too many to list) of the Nu-Earth Encyclopedia
         Grants you 42,000,000 Salvage to buy Upgrades & Ammo
         * Access to all Upgrades
1. UnRAR all archives to a temporary directory.
2. UnRAR *1* of the archives to your "My Documents" directory,
   overwriting any existing files.
   Always unRAR with full paths!
   See step #3 for more info.
   *) Windows NT kernel (NT/2K/XP):
      "My Documents" is usually in "C:Documents and Settings<username>"
   If you have trouble, make your own profile in the game.  Then, search your
   drives for the following to find the correct location for extraction:
3. Which archive to use?
   SAVEGAME.RAR is a normal unlocker, the way the game should be played
   CHEATER!.RAR is an unlocker especially for cheaters
   They are identical except for the following issue: "Access to all Upgrades".
   With SAVEGAME, you only have access to buy the Upgrades that are normally
   available for the particular Level you selected.  This means that earlier
   levels will have less upgrades to choose from.  This is normal for the game.
   However, we also included the CHEATER! one which behaves similar to the
   ~Unleashed~ unlocker.  It gives access all Upgrades even on the earlier
   levels.  Personally, I think that makes the game too easy.  So, TNT gives
   you a *choice* by supplying two unlockers.
   You are welcome (reply to: "thanks TNT!").
4. Play with the profile "TNT"
5. For the Cinematics & the Nu-Earth Encyclopedia, select:
   To begin a new game at any Difficulty Setting, select:
   Single Player  ->  New Game
   * Be aware that this will re-lock most of the Levels listed in the
     "Select Level" cheat!  Just unRAR the archive again, if you want to
     re-unlock those levels.
   To choose any Level, select:
   Single Player  ->  Cheats  ->  Select Level
   For the Cheats, select:
   Single Player  ->  Cheats
   You can also access the Cheats by pressing the "Escape" key during the game.
   By default, the "TAB" key is used to access the (Ammo) Manufacture screen &
   the Upgrade Purchasing screen.  You must upgrade most items before they will
   show up in Manufacture screen, meaning you can't buy Ammo for something you
   don't own yet.
                                 TNT    News
  zipscript-c (aka project-zs) ruins all the nice SFV files in the scene!
  Screw that lame-ass retarded script and all you noobies who use it.
  Egotism is good in small doses.
  There is nothing wrong with flaming code/crack thieves.  We encourage it.
  Quality and quantity are both possible simultaneously, yet often difficult.
  We continue our journey...
                                 Joining TNT
  TNT works in all languages.
  If you feel that you have something useful to offer us, such as the ability
  to contribute to our scene releasing efforts, then see below.
                                 Contact TNT
  Those who seek TNT will find a way to get in touch with us.
  Just ask around for the #1 Dox group.
  TNT has no email address, nor a web site.  Any you find are surely fake.
  Header Logo : Super Nova [TNT]            NFO Layout : Super Nova
> Last Update by [Super Nova] <[12/31/2005]
                          " There can be only one! "


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