Sacred (+13 Trainer)

Sacred (+13 Trainer)
Sacred (+13 Trainer)
Sacred (+13 Trainer)
Sacred (+13 Trainer)
Sacred (+13 Trainer)

Sacred (+13 Trainer)

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           ___________   ___________  ________/   ____________ _____
    +----- \_  _____ /___\__  _____/ -\_______  \__\___  /_   |/    / -+
    |      /  ___/  /    /    /       /    /    /     /   /  _/   _/   |
    |   __/   /   _/    /    /     __/  __/    /   __/   /       \_   |
    |       /_____    /    /          ______/_____    /_____    /   |
    +---   / ----   /   / ------   / ----------   / -----   / ---+
          /        /   /          /              /         / (nw!)
                  FairLight DOX Division Presents:
                           Sacred Plus 13 Trainer
:   Cracked by:  N/A                  : :  Release Date: 03/24/04            :
   Packaged by: N/A                     # of Options: 13
   Type: [ ] Manual/Reference Card              Type: Trainer
         [ ] CD/Box Covers
         [ ] Walkthrough
         [ ] Strategy Guide
:         [X] Cheat/Trainer                                                :
:         [ ] Patch
   Number of archives: 1
      As the years have past, the trainer has gone from something attached to
      a crack by a talented cracker to something that an individual can take
      pride in and assume accolades in the scene to whatever degree of skill
      their work may display.
      In my opinion in todays scene a well coded and reversed game trainer
      can be extremely prestigious for a group, Im not saying trainers are as
      valuable as games themselves or am I saying anywhere near as much work
      goes into creating them as goes into creating certain other tools in
      the scene, contrary to popular belief, Im NOT delusional. What I AM!!
      is passionate about trainers and i always have been, its this
      enthusiasm for our adopted creative art that forces me to write this
      Trainers have been passed over for far to long now with no concern or
      governing rules to assure quality control or even that a release is
      VALID at all, anything that DOES exist is purely speculatory within the
      training ranks and when someone puts forward an ideal they are accused
      of biased rule making and propaganda.
      So, all said and done I cant influence that much to ensure proper
      regulations so from my point of view Im going to do the next best
      thing, from now on I`ll be tagging to every trainer I create a list of
      my ethical guidelines I follow when creating trainers, this at least
      gives me peace of mind.
      thanks for reading.
      1. SHEEP doesnt make his own trainers OTHERS DO THAT. :)) just kiddin..
      In a SHEEP trainer..
      1) Every option will be reversed without the use of CHEATCODES.
      2) You will never see my name on a trainer with less than 4 options.
      3) You will never see my name on a sports game trainer. Only time I
         feel your cheating yourself is when using one.
      4) I try my best to bring people NEW and UNUSUAL options every game
         instead of opting for the easy path of health, ammo etc.
      5) Anyone genuinely in need of help on a trainer I`ll do my best to
         help them out (even a rival group).
      6) I release for the love of training not for release numbers.
      7) I constantly test and re-test to assure you that when the trainer
         gets to you its in 100% working order.
      Time limits are important to me, they also govern pretty much the whole
      of the SCENE!!!! a person that can release a good trainer in the same
      or close period of time demonstrates their ability to compete with
      their fellow trainer makers, just as it sits in the rip scene.. you
      donut see a group releasing ages after an initial release and saying
      HEY WE BEAT U!!
      after all.. given enough time even a monkey with a typewriter will bash
      out Shakespeare :)   So the next two are my final and most important
      8) I would never release a trainer if it took me longer than 2 days
         after a SERIOUS trainer had already been released, I think 1 day to
         wrap things up after your opponent has finished is plenty.
      9) To date every one of my trainers have been finished within 18 hours
         work time, most take 10 - 15. I will stick to this time frame or
         forfeit the trainer all together.
         and finally..
      10) EVERY!! sheep trainer has 100% commitment and a little part of me
          inside.. very much like a kinder egg in that respect.. you know
          those chocolate eggs with the great little toy inside.. hours of
          fun with those little toys even though you can never get the
          well.. you know what i mean
      Pleas dont mistake this for arrogance.. even though i already have
      that reputation in the scene.. my excuse is that im one of the only
      people to speak my mind in nfos.. if u look at the scene 5 - 10 years
      ago it was full of this kind of colorful nfo.. now its all 2 quiet..
      neways.. i hope groups take note of what i said and maybe get some
      RULES made for trainers.. on with the show...
    Trainer Options
    01) Y - Infinite Health
    02) 5 - Infinite Gold
    03) 6 - Super Char                             (see notes)
    04) 1 - Items Never Expire                     (see notes)
    05) 2 - Remove All Restrictions Weapons/Items  (see notes)
    06) 9 - Enable All Powers                      (see notes)
    07) 7 - Super Speed                            (see notes)
    08) 8 - Change Player                          (see notes)
    09) 4 - Morph into Monster                     (see notes)
    mouse pointer options...
    10) 3 - Upgrade Weapon                         (see notes)
    11) V - Freeze Enemy                           (see notes)
    12) G - Kill Enemy                             (see notes)
    13) J - Recruite Enemy                         (see notes)
    stop feature options..
    0 - Stop Speed                                 (see notes)
    X - Normal Mouse Pointer - (stops all mouse pointer options)
    Trainer Notes
    Super Char - This option instantly increases your character to level 767,
                 this option is for people who have already completed the
                 game and just want to run around afterwards with something
                 more powerful.. it can seriously ruin the game for u
                 especially character advancement and skills... well to be
                 honest i suppose any trainer options spoil this lovely game.
    Items Never Expire - This option stops things being erased once they have
                been used up.. i only had potions to test this with but if
                there are other items in the game that have certain amounts
                of uses it will work for them aswell.
    Remove All Restrictions Weapon/Items - This option will allow u to wear
               or use anything in the game even if its for another class or
               level than u current are.
    Enable All Combat Powers - This will enable all MOVES/COMBAT MAGIC
    Super Speed - You no longer need to buy a horse to get anywhere :)) once
                  u enable this option u will be EXTREMELY fast.
    Change Player - First of the 2 most advanced options in the trainer..
                    This option actually allows u to cycle through the
                    players while ur in the game.. unfortunatly to update the
                    player model u need to die which will spawn u back at the
                    begining.. again this option is for people not too
                    bothered about spoiling the game play. WARNING!!! u need
                    to keep the key pressed down until ur health is reduced
                    to 0 and u fall over.. its on a delay.. so it WILL!!! be
                    a few seconds before u change.. so keep the 8 key
   NOTE!! if u start the game as a gladiator then u will need to die 2 times
   to swap to another character.. because the gladiator is the first
   character in the table.. so even though u HAVE changed.. it doesnt look
   like it :)
    Morph into Monster - This is similar to the above option but u will
                   change into a Monster from the game.. ive included
                   about 16 of the best looking mosters i could find..
                   including the HUGE!! bastard u see at the start FMV
                   and all the dragons.. same as above.. keep the key
                   pressed down until u die and u will come back as
                   that creature..
   NOTE!!! you CANNOT!!! use this option in the same game as the CHANGE
    Upgrade Weapon/Item - Enable this option and move ur mouse over an item
                          or weapon.. it will instanly be given huge boost
                          attributes especially ATTACK DEFENCE etc..also adds
                          all resistances to the item/weapon.. this option is
                          better used for making POWERFULL!!!! weapons..
    Freeze Enemy - This option does what it says.. move the mouse pointer
                   over an enemy and its instantly frozen.. wizards etc can
                   still use certain spells so be careful :) if they piss u
                   off 2 just smack em with ur SUPER SWORD from the above
                   option :)
    Kill Enemy - Same as above option but will kill the enemy.. ive noticed
                 that the enemy drop down dead with different pause times..
                 some die instantly.. others die 2 seconds later.. but they
                 all die!! :)
                 dont freeze an enemy and then kill him with this option!! i
                 notice it doesnt always kill them because freeze stops them
                 from doing anything that triggers a check on their health.
   Recruite Enemy - Similar to my CHAOS pointer in HALO.. with a slight
                    difference.. this option when enabled.. move the mouse
                    over an enemy and he will instantly be ur friend..
                    turning to attack everyone around him except u.. infact
                    he will at most times protect u from others :) i moved my
                    mouse over a group of 20 goblins and started a riot that
                    was very funny indeed.. everyone trying to kill each
   Stop Speed - This is not an option.. or not counted as one obviously.. but
                u need to know that when u drop the speed u need to wait for
                the game to update.. so its best if u press 0 to stop speed..
                then either just right click on ur weapon or go into ur
                inventory and ur speed will be back to normal.
 Greetings to our friends in groups such as:
              +-+  Kindest regards - FairLight DOX 2004 +-+


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