Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter v1.126138 (+4 Trainer)

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter v1.126138 (+4 Trainer) [iNSANiTY]

Text file description:

  Name: Serious Sam HD - The Second Encounter 1.126138
        +4 Trainer
  Contributor: HonestGamer
  Type: Trainer
  Size: 784 KB
  Date: 26th December, 2010
  OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (x32)
  Important Notes:-
  I have put some good efforts on not causing game crashes
  when using the Trainer. This game uses a single oppcode
  for each and every attribute like your health, ammo, armor,
  ai health, etc. So please do exactly what is mentioned in
  this NFO. Here are some very important notes on the Trainer
  Activate Trainer: You need to activate this option if you
  want to enjoy the Trainer. I recommend you do this when
  you are playing the actual game!
  1) Unlimited Health: As advertised, this freezes your
     health at 999 so you can never die.
  2) Unlimited Armor: This option doesn't work on all
     instances, it usually sets your armor at 999 when you
     get hit. But it doesn't always stay there. Also use
     this option only when you have some armor or else there
     are chances of the game to crash.
  3) Unlimited Ammo: This option is meant to freeze your
     ammo at 999. But there is a bug in this option - You
     cannot pickup weapons with this option activated
     (They don't show up in your inventory screen). So
     deactivate this option before picking up new weapons or
     ammo (That you haven't picked up earlier) and you'll be
  4) Maximum Score: This option freezes your score at
     999999999. It does bug up your ammo (Sets it at the same
     amount), so just fire your weapon to get it at its normal
  That's about it. You can use this Trainer as a game
  launcher to launch your game...And that's what I
  Greets: CJB, Dark Byte (For Cheat Engine) and You! :P
  Email ID:
 ASCII By HonestGamer/iNSANiTY

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