Sin Episode 1: Emergence v1.1 (+10 Trainer)

Sin Episode 1: Emergence v1.1 (+10 Trainer)

Sin Episode 1: Emergence v1.1 (+10 Trainer)

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                   P R E P A R E  T O  B E  U N L E A S H E D ! ! 
          SiN Episode 1 Emergence Update 1 PLUS 10 TRAINER (C) Unleashed
     Release Date  :  05-23-2006               ISO By       :  PROViSiON
     Release Type  :  Trainer                  Game Genre   :  Shooter
     Release Notes:
     In-game Hotkeys:
        NUMPAD0             Toggle Infinite Health
        NUMPAD1             Toggle Infinite Ammunition
        NUMPAD2             Toggle Infinite Oxygen
        NUMPAD3             Toggle Infinite Poison Resistance
        NUMPAD4             Toggle 1 Hit Kills
        NUMPAD5             Toggle Enemy Freeze
        NUMPAD6             Toggle Grenade Holding
        NUMPAD7             Toggle Flash Grenades
        NUMPAD8             Toggle Super Jump / Low Gravity
        NUMPAD9             Toggle Cheater Status
        END                 Back to Normal
     Infinite Ammunition
     This option will not only give the player unlimited ammunition, but it
     will also fill the player's ammunition up in case they do not have any.
     The player will receive 5 grenades, 5 alternatate shots and 99 bullets for
     all guns.  When enabling the infinite ammunition option, keep in mind that
     you will not see the given grenades or alternative shots until you have
     tried using them.
     Infinite Oxygen
     This option will let the player stay under water indefinitely.  DO NOT
     enable the infinite oxygen option from the startup menu.  It MUST BE
     activated after a single player game has been started or a bug will occur.
     This bug is non-critical, but it can be annoying as it causes a gulping
     sound to play on top of the background music.  If this happens to you,
     simply press END and then either restart the game or type startupmenu in
     the game's console.
     Infinite Poison Resistance
     This option works like a permanent gas mask.  Mutagen gas clouds can no
     longer affect the player in any way as long as this is enabled.
     1 Hit Kills
     This option allows you to kill any enemy by shooting them one time with
     any gun.
     Enemy Freeze
     Freezing enemies will prevent all enemies from moving and shooting at you.
     Grenade Holding
     Enabling this option lets you hold the mouse button down when throwing a
     grenade so the player can run around with the grenade as long as they want
     before throwing it.
     Flash Grenades
     This option will turn the player's existing grenades into flash grenades.
     These grenades can be used to blind enemies.  Disabling this option will
     turn all grenades back to normal.
     Super Jump / Low Gravity
     This option allows for higher jumping to occur due to low, moon-like
     Cheater Status
     If the game catches you cheating, it will change your status to a cheater.
     This option allows the player to toggle their cheater status on/off
     however they desire.  For best results, toggle this option while playing
     and then goto the stats window to view the updated cheater status.  Make
     sure that the stats window is closed before attempting to change the
     cheater status.
      Unleashed salutes all friends of the family, contacts and competition!
                           engine + gfx by ape & mindphuck
                                  music by sinatra

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