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                        SPACE HULK Trainer V1.0
                          Author : David Jury
                             aka "Network"
 Welcome again to the wonderful world of Trainers.If you're a "True" gameplayer
I'd suggest passing this file by or at least waiting till you have mastered the
game then feel free to play around with the Trainer later.
 For the average Gameplayer Space Hulk presents some daunting challenges that
you just might like a hand with (or maybe ALOT more than a Hand).In this case
you can get the upper hand (as much or as little as you like) in Space
 This Trainer will allow you to Instantly complete your current Mission
Successfully,Freeze ALL Genestealers in Place (now THEY fear YOU),Protect your
Marines from Death by Flamer Fire and also let you reload your Flamer and
Assault Cannon on the fly.
 Use PKzip V1.1+ and Unzip the Trainer files into your Space Hulk game
directory.Change to the HULK game directory (if you are not already there)
and type HULKTRNS.COM.You will see the opening Trainer screen which will remind
you of the various Trainer functions available to you during gameplay.Press any
key and Space Hulk will be loaded by the Trainer for you.
 During the game use the following keys to your advantage :
(Note : When the word GREY is used it is used to describe the GREY Colored
keys (on most systems) such as the keys around the Number Pad and keys like
CAPS LOCK      - When you press this Key you have activated the Mission
                 Advancement Trainer.While this function is ON the Grey Plus
                 Key will also be functional.Press this Key again and it will
                 turn OFF this Function (and thereby nullify the effect of
                 the Grey Plus function).
SCROLL LOCK    - Each time you press this key the Trainer will check all the
                 Marines to determine if any of them has a Weapon to be
                 reloaded (Such as Flamer or Assault Cannon).If a Marine(s) is
                 found that has this type of Weapon it will be reloaded back
                 up to 10 automatically.Use it as many times as you need.
GREY PLUS (+)  - When the Mission Advancement Trainer (CAPS LOCK) is ON
                 pressing this key will make the game think that you have
                 completed all the Mission Goals.You will NOTE that the
                 actual numer of Kills or Objects recovered Displayed
                 on the Mission End screen may not match what was supposed
                 to be accomplished.Ex: You Press this Key to end a Mission
                 where you were supposed to Kill at least 90 Genestealers.
                 The end screen will say you completed the Goals but will
                 only register what you did up to the moment of Cheating.So
                 if you only killed 20 it will say that.The important thing
                 is that you passed the Mission.
GREY MINUS (-) - When you press this Key all the Marines will be able to walk
                 through and be protected from Flamer Fire.Press this Key
                 again and the game will function normally.
NUM LOCK       - Press this Key and all Genestealers will Freeze.More correctly
                 they will move around normally but they won't be able to
                 attack you anymore.They are now too afraid to get close to
                 you!Press this key again and they will regain their senses
                 and gleefully rip you to shreds like before.
NOTE : Mission Advancement Trainer
 The Mission Advancement appears to work fine on all the Training and normal
Space Hulk (One or Two Squad) Missions but there is a problem when playing the
Deathwing portion of the game.
 If you attempt to bypass the first Mission of the Deathwing (Menacing Images)
with this Trainer function it will cause the game to drop to DOS on the next
Mission with a "Bad Initial Marine Swap" error message.I am working on fixing
this but it seems that if you just play through the first Deathwing Mission
without using the Advancement Cheat then you can use it to go right through
ALL the other ones.It is just the FIRST Mission of Deathwing that you must
play through (not too hard with the other Trainer functions).
 A new addition to the Trainer engine is the abilaity to manipulate the PC
Speaker keypress feedback.I added this as that has been a common question
people have asked about.Now you can change the pitch up,down or off.
 The controls are as follows and should remain the same for all subsequent
Trainers unless otherwise noted.At any time use these keys to change the
PC Speaker sound :
F11 - Press F11 for a Higher pitched keypress feedback.
F12 - Press F12 for a Lower pitched keypress feedback.
INSERT - Toggle ON/OFF the keypress feedback from the PC Speaker.
 Press these keys any time or as many times as needed to get the desired
effect.Also note that for Trainer functions that Toggle ON/OFF the ON keypress
will always be a LOW pitch then a HIGHER pitched tone and the OFF will be
the reverse (a HIGH pitched tone with and immediate LOWER pitched tone).
 There are no known problems so far with the above trainer(s)/editors so enjoy.
As always if anything does come up PLEASE send me feedback.Describe as thorough
as possible what EXACTLY happened,your system configuration and game congig.
That makes it easier to diagnose the trouble.Leave E-Mail,Feedback or comments
to me :
                           Prodigy ID#BGRB28C
                        Compuserve ID#71052,1742
                       America Online ID=Network1
                            Genie ID=D. Jury
              Internet Mail to :
 This Trainer is what I'd call Donationware.Basically Shareware for all intents
and purposes.If you use this program and like what it does for you send a
Donation (see info below).You are not held to doing this.It is your choice.In
any case you can give as many copies of this to friends or spread it to the
numerous electronic BBS or Network services out there.
 For ANY distribution of this work in MASS for on MEDIA or PRINT for profit
or other you MUST contact the Author (me) for permission.This includes being
copied and sold for profit or distribution fee via mail,person,book,magazine
,catalog,etc.I encourage this sort of thing but only if I am contacted and
permission is granted to do so.
 In ANY distribution case none of the work may be altered in any way.
 If you enjoy what I do feel free to help out.Freely send $5-$10 donations
to :
                               DAVID JURY
                              P.O. BOX 658
 Thank you for taking a look.Hope you enjoy the show.There is MUCH more on
the way!

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

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