Spartan: Gates of Troy (+11 Trainer)

Spartan: Gates of Troy (+11 Trainer)

Spartan: Gates of Troy (+11 Trainer)

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         .  .. ... V e n g e a n c E      P r e s e n t s ... ..  .
     - -- --------------------------------------------------------- -- -
                   Spartan Gates Of Troy Plus 11 Trainer
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   Release Date  :  09-18-2004               Protection   :  None
   File Count    :  1x15mb                   Game Genre   :  X
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    Trainer Notes:
    1 - Get Loads Of Resources (See Note)
    2 - Unlimited Movement And Healing
    3 - Instant Research (See Note)
    4 - Get Loads of Population (See Note)
    5 - Plague Enemy City (See Note)
    6 - Re-enforce City Walls (See Note)
    7 - Remove Enemy City Walls (See Note)
    8 - Maximum Happines To Citizens (See Note)
    9 - Fast Build (See Note)
    0 - Create City Walls (See Note)
    Q - Destroy City (See Note)
    W - Resume All To Normal
    Option Explanations:
    1 - Activate the option then enter any of your cities (if your not
    already in one) by clicking on it. Once your in the city just
    return to the main screen. Once your back in the main screen you
    will have all the resources.
    3 - Activate the option then enter the research screen and after
    your there just exit it (you might see some strange changes in the
    research durations but just ignore them). Then press end turn and
    all of your research categories will be advanced to the next level.
    This option cannot be used to only research one category. Instead
    once used it advances ALL of the research categories by one step
    (unless they are already fully researched).
    4 - Once activated just move your mouse cursor over any town
    (so you see the info box about the town) and their population
    will immediately increase to 5000000.
    5 - Once activated move your mouse cursor over any enemy city
    (so you see the info box about the town) and all of its population
    will be killed. This option makes sure that enemy cannot build
    any army units that require population to be trained.
    6 - This option is used to make your city walls super strong.
    Once activated just move your mouse cursor over any of your
    cities (so you see the info box about the town) and its walls
    will be re-enforced. The city graphics will also be updated
    and your city will be converted into a massive capital.
    7 - This option is used to remove enemy city walls before you
    attack in one. Using this option is bit tricky but not really
    hard. To use the option you first must select any of your
    armies (that is within the range of an attack to the targeted
    city) and then move your mouse cursor over the enemy city
    (so you see the info box about the town). Once the cursor is over
    the city you will see that the info box says 'No City Walls'.
    After that just click on the enemy city (the option must still
    be on) and attack it.
    This option does not actually remove the city walls it just
    makes them dissappear in fight against the city. Why is this
    usefull then? Well, the enemy city walls have these huge
    catapults on them that are REALLY hard to destroy and you
    will almost certainly lose if they are there.
    So once you use the option you can just attack the city with
    the army you want and the enemy city wall will not be helping
    the enemy army (the one that is garrisoned in the city, if
    they have any that is).
    And after you have won the battle you will own the city and it
    will have the same walls fully functional which it had before
    the attack so you wont have to rebuild them.
    8 - Once activated just enter the city you want and its
    population will be jubilant.
    9 - Once activated enter the city that is building something.
    Once your in the city you will notice that the building time
    of the structure your building in that city has reduced to
    1 month. Then just exit the city and press end turn and the
    building will be completed.
    0 - Once you activate this option just move your mouse cursor
    over any city on the map and walls will appear around it.
    As the city has limited slots this option first checks if there
    are any free slots in the city, and if there are (even one) it
    will build the walls in that slot.  If there is no available slots
    the option will destroy 1 building in the upper left corner (in the
    city screen) and build walls there. Once you move your mouse over
    the city the walls will appear but to actually to make it "work"
    you need to advance to next turn by clicking the turn key. Once the
    turn has changed the city will have walls around it and not just any
    walls but re-enforced city walls. If you want to make them even
    stronger just use my option #6.
    Q - This option does pretty much what the name of the option says.
    Just move your mouse cursor over any city on the map and all the
    buildings in that city will be destroyed (not including the main
    building which is "only" turned to the most unadvanced level called
    small encampment so the city actually wont be wiped out of the map
    but just taken back to stoneage).
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  .Install Notes:... ..  .
  1. Unpack to gamedir.
  2. Run Trainer.
  3. Start the game via trainer.
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  .Contacting Vengeance:... .. .
  We are always looking for talented people to help fill our ranks. If you:
    Work at an Electronics Boutique, Babbage's, Virgin or any similar store
    Work for a games magazine as a reviewer, and have early access to games
    Are able to crack most commercial protection schemes such as StarForce,
     SecuROM and Safedisc
   Don't hesitate to get in touch now at:
                        GAME COMPANIES DESERVE YOUR
                        SUPPORT!! IF YOU ENJOY THIS
                        GAME, BUY IT NOW!!
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                . .. AScII by caciq^ACL :... ... ..  .    .

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