Star trail charactor editor

Star trail charactor editor

Star trail charactor editor

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                    WELCOME TO STAR TRAILS : Realms of Arkania
                             CHARACTER EDITOR v2.0
     This is a character editor for the game Realms of Arkania: Star Trail.
This editor is very easy to use.  Just place this starcht.exe in the
stargames directory.  If you used different directories, just put it into
        When the program is in the proper directory, run the executable.  The
program will list the available save game's and ask to enter the save game
you want to edit.  The LASTGAM file listed is the game that is loaded
automatically when you start Star Trails.  You will then be presented with a
menu.  Choose the number of the character you want to edit.  It will then put
you into the stats screen.  If the name of the character is DONT EDIT THIS
CHARACTER then dont edit it.  Leave that character alone.  Sir-Tech when
devising this lovely game made it so that sometimes a character would be in
a certain position in the savegame, and other times it is in another position.
So it was necessary for me to do it this way.  Yes it is ugly, but im too lazy
to change it.
       If the name is a real name of your character, though, feel free to
edit away.  You do this simply by pressing the letter or number found in the
brackets next to the stat, spell, or skill that you want to change.  Follow
the direction after you enter the number or letter to change the value.
Just pressing return or entering a value out of range will not change
the value.
    The following commands work from any "Enter your choice:" option.
Quit will quit the program.  If you changed any value it will prompt
you for whether or not you want to save the changes.  Once again follow the
prompts.  I would love to tell ya the command to type, but i forget if its
y or yes.  Back will bring you back to the previous screen.  Main will bring
you back to the screen where you can choose which character to edit.
On the first stats screen, at the "Enter your choice:" option if you just press
return, it will bring you back to the character selection.
   To change the money for your party enter option 7 on the beginning menu.
Follow the instructions and you will have no problems.  I didn't bother with
silver and bronze, but just made it so you can change your ducats.  Who cares
about the lesser coin anyways.
   If you find any bugs, typos, or anything please mail me and ill fix it.
You can reach me at  Have fun.
                        ** IMPORTANT : READ THIS **
        On the stats screen, there are some values which may be incorrect.
This is due to how the game interprets the values for each character.  It
seems that for the AT/PA values, MR, and possible AC <but i dont think so>,
your class plays a roll on the actual value that the game uses.  For example,
my fighter was having his Sword AT being read at 10, but it was registering
int the game as 12.  My mage on the other hand had a higher MR in the game
compared to the actual value stored in the save game.  Therefore, just make
all your values high a few points higher then you would normally.  Experiment
and see how it works, and please send me your results.
                    ** EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: READ THIS **
Though this program has been tested for problems, use of this program is at
your own risk.  Therefore, always make a backup.  I cant stress the importance
of making a backup, cuz im just gonna have my day ruined if i find my program
ate someones game file.
Though this program is public domain and is can be used for free, this file
must always be distributed with the starcht.exe file.
What has been changed in this version
        Added ability to change money.
        Fixed problem with changing values of Magic points and Life points.
        Fixed problem with 2 Handed sword and Polearms.
        Made it more cosmetically appealing.
        Added Lastgame savegame.


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