Sudeki (+8 Trainer)

Sudeki (+8 Trainer)

Sudeki (+8 Trainer)

Text file description:

              Sudeki (c) Zoo Digital Publishing *PLUS 8 TRAINER*
    Trained by.....: SIRIaX & aLpHa oNe           Date...........: 08/2005
    Trainer features:
    F5  - Toggle unlimited money
    F6  - Toggle unlimited health points (team)
    F7  - Toggle unlimited health points (illumina knights)
    F8  - Toggle unlimited skill points
    F9  - Toggle unlimited advancements
    F10 - Toggle unlimited items
    F11 - Toggle one hit/shot kill
    F12 - Mass kill mode
    Trainer notes:
    Little explanation for the -Mass kill mode- option:
    If activated, you can press the -1- key to kill all enemies on screen.
    Due to the fact that this key is also responsible for health packs
    the game will decrease this value! But this should be no problem as
    you can activate the *Unlimited items* or *Unlimited energy* option.
    Install notes:
    1) Unrar
    2) Start our trainer
    3) Start the game
    4) Use desired key ingame to toggle options on/off
           Don't call it a comeback - We are doing this for years.
    Always remember:
    We do this just for FUN. We are against any profit or
    commercialisation of piracy. We do not spread any release, others do
    that. In fact, we BUY all our own games with our own hard earned and
    worked for efforts. Which is from our own real life non-scene jobs.
    As we love game originals. Nothing beats a quality original.
         Support the software companies. If you play this game BUY it!

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This is almost always a false alarm.


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