Super stardust +4 byte patch trainer

Super stardust +4 byte patch trainer

Super stardust +4 byte patch trainer

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   Product: SUPER STARDUST                    Release Time: 95-05-18 12.10
   Company        : TEAM 17            Mode      : PMODE
   Released by    : ENERGY             This year : Number 10
   Trainermaker   : REPLiCAToR         Sound     : LameBlaster
   Traineroptions : 4                  Other     : TV-PIRATERNA!
   Trainer type   : BYTE PATCH         Rating    : ZzZzZzZ!
  [ Release Notes ]
   YES! We're back, and this time with new members, boards and gfx!
   First of all i would like to thank Metamorphisus and Seawolf for helping
   us with our new ansi pics and nfo stuff! some words about the trainer and todays game Super StarDust.
   Yeah,Yeah i know what you think, Only 4 options and why didn't he fix
   Unlimited Missiles etc, Well the truth is that i had trouble with
   Stardusts dosextender, FLASHTEC X32VM , it made my debugger insane!
   <He is lying! He is a lamer..> WHO WROTE THAT???  Jammer!??
   Ok guys i hope you have an ique over 60 becoz i will not explain all of them
   just the * More Time option. With this option activated the timer will
   decrease with a slower rate and you will get more time (x2) to kill
   all enemies..
   If you think that this game SUCKS! but still wanna see the end sequence.
   Don't worry the only thing you'll get for saving the galaxy is one lousy
   picture and a stink'n scroller. But i have included the Endpic anyway..
   ...ENDPIC.PCX...check it out!
  [ Group News ]
     Lotsa stuff has happened since our last trainer release!
  * KOKANE joined us as our CANADIAN HQ (Sorry for not having the board name)
  * G00LUM is our newest trainer maker and we'll see what he has to contribute
    with in the future
  * ToSH10 and his board left us...
  * CENTRAL STATION became our new WHQ!
  [ Wicked Boards ]
              BOARDNAME          AFL SYSOP(S)             ND CODE
              CENTRAL STATION   WHQ      WiDGET        O2+31
              ---------------   CHQ      KoKANE        -- --
              WE WANT A SHQ!!   ---      MAYBE YOU!    -- --
  [ Wicked Members ]
              Jammer / Replicator / Leatherman / Kokane / Goolum
  [ Personal Greetings ]
  KoKANE : Our network is a mess again! I'll contact you as fast as possible!
  Seawolf: We need our new NFO...please hurry!
  Misha : Phew! You're back. Without you and Grudge there will be no real
          competition. Me coding?  Well i am trying to get our TSR Pmode
          trainer to work.....even better! ;)
          How about yourself? When will we see a "Grudge killer" from you Hehe!
  [ Greetings ]
  [ How to become totally WiCKED ]
                   -> WICKED EMAIL : JEDSV94@HERMES.HV.SE <-
  [ Remember, if you like this software - spread it! ]


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