Tale of Immortal v2023.06.09 (+54 Trainer) [FLiNG]

Tale of Immortal

Tale of Immortal / Gui Gu Ba Huang v2023.06.09 (+54 Trainer) [FLiNG]

Text file description:

Battle Options
Num 1  Infinite Vitality
Num 2  Infinite Energy
Num 3  Infinite Focus
Num 4  Fast Moving Speed
Num 5  Skills No Cooldown
Num 6  Max Drop Rate
Num 7  100% Critical Rate
Num 8  One Hit Kill
Num 9  Damage Multiplier
Map/Other Options
Ctrl+Num 1  Freeze Time Of The Month
Ctrl+Num 2  Edit Gems
Ctrl+Num 3  Edit Contribution
Ctrl+Num 4  Edit Total Contribution
Ctrl+Num 5  Edit Tokens
Ctrl+Num 6  Max Exp
Ctrl+Num 7  Max Friendship
Ctrl+Num 8  Easy Learn Skills
Ctrl+Num 9  Unlock All Difficulties
Ctrl+Num 0  Set Game Speed
Alt+Num 1  Max Mood
Alt+Num 2  Max Health
Alt+Num 3  Max Stamina
Alt+Num 4  Infinite Items (Medicines & Materials)
Alt+Num 5  Edit Backpack Size
Alt+Num 6  No Random Encounter In Danger Zones
Edit Player Stats
Edit Lifespan
Edit Max Vitality
Edit Max Energy
Edit Max Focus
Edit Luck
Edit Insight
Edit Charisma
Edit Rightness
Edit Demonic
Edit Reputation
Edit Skill Points
Edit ATK
Edit DEF
Edit Travel Speed
Edit Martial RES
Edit Spiritual RES
Edit Agility
Edit CRIT DR %
Edit Martial Arts (All)
Edit Spiritual Root (All)
Edit Artisanship (All)
Edit NPC Stats
Edit Lifespan
Edit Rightness
Edit Demonic
Edit Charisma
Edit Reputation 

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