Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon trainer

Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon trainer

Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon trainer

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                  P    R    E    S    E    N    T    S
                                 A Trainer For
                       Romance Of The Three Kingdoms ]I[
                            Trained on: [02/10/94]
    Programming: Space Ace
      Locations: Space Ace
        Testing: Space Ace / Mass Destruction
[ KEYS ]
       Q,W  Gold -/+ 10,000.
        E   Boost food to maximum
       T,Y  Horses -/+ 100
       U,I  Crossbows -/+ 20
       O,P  Heavy Crossbows -/+ 20
 scroll lock ---> pop up help key!
 Just unzip D-3K3TRN.ZIP into the game directory and run D-3K3TRN.EXE.  Enjoy.
 Just a note...the editing keys edit the CURRENTLY selected player.  I.e.
 when your in the game selecting the moves for your player it will work.  Do
 not edit your stats during during combat.  It should work fine on the main
 menu or any of it's sub-menus.
 The keys should be fairly obvious.
 Greetings to: RAZOR, PTG, TRSI, TDT, INC, THG, PE.
 Personal greetings:
 -> All Cyber Force members
 -> All the people in my fan club.  Please have your membership fees ready! :)
 -> Sinned Soul/Devil Warrior/the staff at The Haunted House.
 If you applied to be a site and it looks like we're ignoring you then please
 be patient.  If you think we've completely forgotten about you then feel free
 to harass us a bit since we probably deserve it.  :)
  The current DREAD members are:
          Space Ace - "Gopher it! :)"
   Mass Destruction - "Gopher it! :)"
  Groo The Wanderer - "Gopher it! :)"
       Vector Helix - "Gopher it! :)"
         Black Bird - "Hey that's mean!  Nah...Gopher it! :)"
 < The current DREAD couriers are: >
                       Courier Coordinator: Sinned Soul
              Slider, Sudden Impact, The Cardinal, Sir Thunder,
     The Bloke,  Perfect Courier, Devil Warrior, Death Jester, Violator.
 < The current DREAD sites are: >
  SYNCHRONICITY [WHQ] (2 nodes) Cyber Cop 14.4 dual/14.4hst
  Renegade Legion [CHQ] (4 nodes) Rodimus 16.8 dual
  Alpha 2010 [UHQ] (6 nodes) Silus Guardian 16.8 dual
  The Flying Teapot [+44] (2 nodes) Hi.T.Moonweed 14.4 dual
  Lithium [313] (4 nodes) Acid 14.4 dual
  Metal Works [318] (2 nodes) Heavy Metal 16.8 dual
  The Wall [703] (5 nodes) Roland 16.8 dual*2/v32bis
  Manhattan Project [503] (4 nodes) Rifleman 16.8 dual
  Bad Medicine [604] (4 nodes) Bobba Fett 16.8 dual
  Terror Dome [905] (3 nodes) Sting Ray 16.8 dual
  Chiba North [519] (1 node ) BlackFl/Folksinger 16.8 dual
  Forces Of Evil [718] (2 nodes) Demon 14.4 dual
  The Haunted House [+49] (4 nodes) The Master 14.4 dual
            We are looking for a few people not as boring as we
            are...apply today!   :-)

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