TimeShift (Unlocker)

TimeShift (Unlocker)

TimeShift (Unlocker)

Text file description:

         brings you..
                           TimeShift v1.1 PLUS 6 TRAINER
           Release Date [ 11/04/2007
            Release Size [ 1x5.0mb         Platform  [ WinXP/Vista
            Release Type [ Trainer         Game Type [ Shooter
                                           Supplier  [ iSO:    FLT
                                                       UPDATE: FLTDOX
             #    Hotkey              Option
             1    F1                  Toggle Infinite Ammo
             2    F2                  Toggle Infinite Health
             3    F3                  Toggle Enable Teleport System
                  M                          Save Position
                  K                          Load Position
             4    F4                  Toggle One Hit Kill
             5    F5                  Toggle Unlimited Suit Abillities
             6    F7                  Toggle No Turret Overheating
         If you are running WinVista, please make sure to run the trainer
         as administrator.
         F1 - Infinite Ammo
         This option will give you infinite ammo. It includes all primary
         and secondary weapons as well as grenades.
         F2 - Infinite Health
         You will get infinite health and won't die anymore.
         F3 - Enable Teleport System
         After this option has been enabled, you can use the keys
         M to save your players position and
         K to load your previously saved position.
         F4 - One Hit Kill
         With this option you can kill all enemies with only one hit.
         F5 - Unlimited Suit Abillities
         This option gives you the following possibilities:
         The abillities to slow down or pause the game can be used as
         often and as long as you want.
         Just note that the reverting option stops itself after a few
         seconds. When this happens, you can instantly use  the abillity
         You are able to use all suit abilities as often as you want.
         F7 - No Turret Overheating
         With this option turrets will never overheat when you use them.
         Install Notes
         1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
         2. Run the trainer from the desktop
         3. Press Rungame button and follow the steps on the screen
         4. Toggle desired Options on/off
        Team BReWErS is currently looking for
          * 100mbit+ affil sites
          * 10mbit+ dumps for exclusive use
          * Shell supplier
        Don't hesitate to contact us at team.brewers@hush.ai
         Greetings are flying out to:
                             all FRiENDS and DOX lovers
                           biggup the uri gellar bevsters
                             ascii by h8/HiGHONASCii                    

File information

Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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