Turok 2008 (+3 Trainer)

Turok 2008 (+3 Trainer)

Turok 2008 (+3 Trainer)

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                          - ascii by Shaikh Adeel
                            - modded by Wiccaan
                                  ExTaLiA Gamehacking Team
                                  eXtalia Proudly Presents
     [ Releaser Name   ] ..... Psych
     [ Releaser Email  ] ..... psych[at]live[dot]co[dot]uk
     [ Release Name    ] ..... Turok {2008} +3 Trainer
     [ Release Type    ] ..... Trainer
     [ Release Version ] ..... v1.0
     [ Release Size    ] ..... 50.5 Kb
     [ Release Date    ] ..... 30/04/2008
     [ Game Size       ] ..... 15.5 MB (16,326,656 bytes)
     [ Game Version    ] .....
                                       Release Usage
       - Load the game and the trainer in any order
       - Refer to the details in this .NFO
       - Press the relevant hotkeys in-game
       - Enjoy!
       **[Num0] Infinite Health**
       Makes your character invincible to anything.
       This should stop anything from killing you including falls and explosions.
       Your teammates are not affected.
       **[Num1] Infinite Ammo**
       This will give you both infinite ammo stock and infinite clip ammo for most
       weapons (AKA. No reload) as I combined both options initially.
       The bow uses a 'stock' or 'pool' of ammo and not a 'clip' like the guns.
       This option will give you the max amount of arrows. Reload to restock.
       **[Num2] Save Position**
       Save your current location in the world.
       Don't use during FMV sequences or other areas
       where you don't have full character control.
       **[Num3] Restore Position**
       Use this to restore your previously saved position.
       See the note above about using the teleport carefully.
       Greetz fly out to all at eXtalia, STN, Sunbeam, Wiccaan and Labyrnth!
                                     JOIN THE EXTALIERS
        If you think you are good enough to join the extalia project and release varius
        trainers/editors then dont hesitate to fill the membership application! Simply
        visit us at:
           The Extalia directory is respected by the Extalia council and members.
                Copyrights, Works, Trademakrs, etc. to their respected owners.
         Our IRC Channel: irc://irc.ffact.org/eXtalia   Peace out and keep it real!
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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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