UFO: Aftermath V1.2 (+10 Trainer)

UFO: Aftermath V1.2 (+10 Trainer)

UFO: Aftermath V1.2 (+10 Trainer)

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    UFO: Aftermath V1.2 Trainer +10 by m-h
                                         Released: 03/11/2003
Updated: 06/11/2003
-   New "Always Win Dogfights" option added.
-   New "Fast Squad Training" option added.
-   New "Fast Squad Healing" option added.
-   Game version and code checking - the trainer won't do anything to
    incompatible game versions, no harm at all trying it out on
    non-UK releases of the game.
Bugs Fixed:
-   Infinite Health (no sickbay) now works as advertised.
Known Bugs:
-   No known bugs :)
Updated: 05/11/2003
-   I released without testing the GUI properly. Very sloppy...
Bugs Fixed:
-   Stupid GUI error with the radio buttons "solved"
-   Key toggle added for switching between "Kill" and "Stun" modes
Known Bugs:
-   Looks like PSI damage is dealt out in a separate routine. If you
    make sure that the last damage your guys receive is while in
    Infinite Health mode, you won't have a sick bay trip. This will
    be fixed.
This trainer was written in MASM and tested on Win2K and
UFO version 1.2 UK.
  1) Run trainer
  2) Run game
  3) Use FKeys or buttons to enable/disable options
  F4:	Always Win Dogfights
  F5:	Toggle One-Hit-Kill mode
  F6:	Infinite Health
  F7:	One-Hit-Kill (with two settings)
  F8:	Infinite Ammo
  F9:	No Equipment Decrement in squad screen
  F10:	Instant Research
  F11:	Instant Develop
  F12:	Skip CRC Check (See Notes)
 NPAD7:	Fast Squad Training
 NPAD8: Fast Squad Healing
  Always Win Dogfights
      You will always win dogfights, even against battleships.
  Infinite Health
      Good guys keep their maximum health. Additionally, they don't
      go to sick bay after a mission (separate damage accumulator).
      Bad guys will die if they receive any damage. This option has
      two settings:
          Kill  - Health set to zero
          Stun  - Health set to 1.0
      Most bad guys will be immobilised when their health reaches
      "1.0", but some may not do this (e.g. Deathbellows?). Hence
      the two settings.
  Infinite Ammo
      Exactly what it says on the tin, both magazine and energy cell
      based ammunitions will not go down.
  No Equipment Decrement
      The quantities of items you have in stores do not reduce as you
      use them. You'll only have to manufacture any given item once.
  Instant Research
      Any current research project will be completed in the next game
  Instant Develop
      Any current development project will be completed in the next
      game tick.
  Skip CRC Check
      The game save files are a Virtual FAT fileSystem (.vfs), they
      contain an MD5 checksum to prevent you from tinkering with the
      text parts of the save game. This cheat option simply chops out
      the checksum verification. Your Mileage May Vary.. but I've
      found it works most reliably when a non-tinkered save game is
      loaded first, then activate the option, then load a tinkered
      save game.
  Fast Squad Training
      Soldiers will finish training very quickly.
  Fast Squad Healing
      Soldiers will finish recuperating very quickly.
Thanks to:
      Everyone at gamehacking.com
Special Thanks to:
      [sheep] for his encouragement
      Tsongkie for his template and Cave tool.
My very first trainer...
      ... it's been educational!


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