UNBAiSEDGOATS The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer (Cheat Enabler)

The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer (Cheat Enabler)


The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer (Cheat Enabler)

Text file description:

                        The Incredibles:
                                Rise of the Underminer
                                  (c) THQ
          HAPPY NEW YEAR!
           We at iRRM would like to wish you all a happy new 2006. It's not
           2006 here yet, but in some hours it will be :)
           Greets to the competition out there, aSx, PiZZA, TNT, AGES, DVN,
           DVN, RiTUEL, VACE, and everyone else in the Dox and Ripgame-scene,
           except for JuNGLeFeVeR.
           2005's been a blast and we hope you all will follow us into 2006!
           Cheers to you all!
          Release Info
           Date ....... : 2005-12-31
           Options .... : 9
           Hotkey ..... : Function
           F3  ........ : Gives Player 1 1,000 XP
           F4  ........ : Gives Player 2 1,000 XP
           F5  ........ : Gives Player 1 10,000 XP
           F6  ........ : Gives Player 2 10,000 XP
           F7  ........ : Toggle infinite health for both players
           F8  ........ : Toggle "Super XP-gain" (you gain xp much faster)
           F9  ........ : Gives Player 1 3 super-moves
           F10 ........ : Gives Player 2 3 super-moves
           F11 ........ : Freeze/Unfreeze both players super-moves
           F12 ........ : Quit the trainer
          Release notes
           Pretty good game for being kiddie actually. Now for the trainer,
           there are in fact 9 options in this trainer, however the "give xp"
           -options must be counted as the same, for instance "P1 1,000 xp" &
           "P1 10,000 xp" is counted as one "Plus".
           By the way, the super-move options might not change the graphic,
           so that by the looks it looks like you still have 0 super-moves
           even though you used the "get 3 super-moves"-option. In fact you
           have gained 3 super-moves, just that the graphic does not follow.
           Really, you could count this trainer as a Plus 5, since there are
           seperated options for different players. But since the patches
           differ and some people may just want one player to "cheat", we
           chose to make the trainer this way. Enjoy! =)
           PS. 27500 xp is maximum.
           Here are a short terminology of the words we use in our trainers.
           Other groups may use these words otherwise, but this is how we do.
           Infinite ... : The value can increase but not decrease
           Unlimited .. : The value can neither increase nor decrease, the
                          difference between Unlimited and Freeze is that in
                          Unlimited the value is pushed up, so that it stops
                          above zero for instance, eg. if you have low health
                          and use Unlimited Health, it will be put at 100% and
                          stopped there.
           Freeze ..... : Freezes the value/function so it cannot change
           Unfreeze ... : Unfreezes the value/function so it can change again
          Game Info
           Genre ...... : Action/Adventure
           System Reqs. : Windows
          Install Info
           1. UnRAR to any directory.
           2. Run iRRM_tIRotU_Trainer.exe
           3. Read and then click OK.
           4. Start the game.
           5. Use the hotkeys to activate the functions.
           6. Enjoy this fine trainer!
           We are looking for:
           - Talented coders (preferably C, C++, ASM or Delphi).
           - 30Mbps+ sites for affilation.
           Hit us up on IRC or by email: irrm [at] hush [dot] ai
           Whores n beer are always welcome too.. cheers!
          Thanks to m0 for the great ascii!

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Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

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