Unleashed Bus Simulator 2008 (Unlocker)

Bus Simulator 2008 (Unlocker)


Bus Simulator 2008 (Unlocker)

Text file description:

               P R E P A R E  T O  B E  U N L E A S H E D ! ! 
                      Bus Simulator 2008 GERMAN UNLOCKER
   Release Date  :  27-01-2008               ISO By       :  ADDONiA
   Release Type  :  UNLOCKER                 Game Genre   :  Bus Simulator
   Release Notes:
   Unpack the included rar file into your main Bus Simulator 2008 directory,
   accept to overwrite when asked.
   1. Start game
   2. Choose SPIEL STARTEN
   3. Choose the Unleashed profile
   4. Play!
   This will unlock all busses and future bonus busses in FUHRPARK, give
   access to all campaigns under WERBEFLACHEN and all promotions under
   PROMOTION, full access to all missions under LINIENVERKEHR, TAGEREISEN
   and SONDERFAHRTEN in the game. We have also made 999999 euros availble
   for you to play with.
   Additional note:
   There are Bonus bus packs available form http://www.bussimulatorgame.com
   Free of charge and we have of course made them available right away. Just
   download the Bonus pack, install and you will have new busses to choose
   All buslines, promotions, campaigns and missions, will of course still
   cost you money to participate in. We "only" did make them fully available
   for you to access. The 999999 euros should be more than enough to help
   you with that ;)
   Sorry for not writing this in german, but english is the language of the
   world and we want this to be accessable to not only german people, as
   there might be someone non german out there that plays or want to play
   with this game. If you're german and don't get the picture, then The
   Scene perhaps isn't something for you.
   This is done for The Scene and not for stupid webpages, who charge people
   money to access our work.
    Unleashed salutes all friends of the family, contacts and competition!
 " Bus Simulation, HAHA! A simulation should be close to the real thing, eh? "

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