Viking Squad (Unlocker) [Abolfazl.k]

Viking Squad

Viking Squad (Unlocker) [Abolfazl.k]

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06:07.54-L0-General: Logging to file C:UsersBermudaAppDataRoamingSlick Entertainment IncVikingSquadLog.txt
06:07.54-L0-FileSystem: Initialized File System...
06:07.54-L0-Loc: Localization Language: English
06:07.55-L0-Init: Starting Loading Sequence
06:07.55-L0-Init: Finishing Loading Sequence
06:12.27-L0-Shutdown: Game::DoShutdown
06:12.27-L0-Shutdown: Shutting down app.

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This is almost always a false alarm.


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