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Dynasty Warriors 6 (Save Editor)

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                          - ascii by Shaikh Adeel
                            - modded by Wiccaan
                                  ExTaLiA Gamehacking Team
                                  eXtalia Proudly Presents
     [ Releaser Name   ] ..... [Psych]
     [ Releaser Email  ] ..... psych[at]live[dot]co[dot]uk
     [ Release Name    ] ..... Dynasty Warriors 6 +18 Trainer
     [ Release Type    ] ..... Trainer
     [ Release Version ] ..... v1.0
     [ Release Size    ] ..... 1x Small
     [ Release Date    ] ..... 30/10/2008
     [ Game Source     ] ..... Reloaded
     [ Game Size       ] ..... 3.39 MB (3,555,328 bytes)
     [ Game Version    ] ..... v1.0.0.1 (En-UK)
                                       Release Usage
       [Trainer Usage]
       1) Start the game and the trainer in any order
       2) Refer to the notes below
       3) Enjoy!
       [Compatibility Notes]
       Please make sure you disable or or add exceptions to your anti-virus before
       using the trainer. Vista users should run the trainer as administrator.
       If you have issues under Vista, run both the game and trainer in compatiblity
       mode for WinXP SP2. Refer to the trainer troubleshooting guide on the website.
       All trainers have been tested under a 32-bit/x86 environment.
       The trainers may work with a 64-bit/x64 OS but this has not been tested.
       [Cheat Functions]
       [Num 0] God Mode (Toggle)
       Complete invincibility for your character. This isn't the typical
       'refill-health fast hack' where you could still possibly die.
       With this your guaranteed to be able to take out Lu-Bu with ease!
       You can toggle this quickly to use it as a 'refill' option.
       [Num 1] Instant Kill (Toggle)
       This option will make enemies die with one scrape of your blade.
       Good for taking out that nasty boss, or a hoard of strong enemies.
       This will effect some of your team too, so make sure they aren't in danger.
       Try using this when the 'Slow-Mo' hack is on. Haha, evil!
       [Num 2] Infinite Musou (Toggle)
       Activate this to ensure you can always use musou.
       You can toggle this quickly to refill your musou to max,
       if you'd rather not spoil things too much.
       [Num 3] Enemies Can't Use Musou (Toggle)
       Toggle this on to make sure only you can use musou attacks,
       giving you that extra edge above the enemies. Good to stop those
       bosses from constantly using it on you after you bring their health down.
       [Num 4] Infinite Renbu (Toggle)
       Activate this to max out your renbu bar, making all your attacks super-strong.
       This will make sure you are on the highest level of renbu all the time
       regardless of your current skill upgrades. Toggleable for a quick refill.
       [Num 5] Everlasting Combo (Toggle)
       Turn this hack on to make sure your combo chain never decreases.
       I removed all the nasty effects that reset your chain to 0, so you can keep
       on racking up those numbers until you turn it off!
       [Num 6] Infinite Bonus/Power-Up Duration (Toggle)
       This hack will make sure all pickups you obtain such as 'attack x2' never run
       out, so you can reap the benefits indefinitely. Good for testing items with.
       [Num 7] Add 50 KO's or Points
       Each time you press this hotkey you will gain an additional 50 points or KOs
       depending on the game mode you are currently in. Good for challenge modes.
       [Num 8] Add 1000 Experience
       Each time you press this hotkey you will gain an additional 1000 Experience,
       allowing you to level up whenever you wish. Not applicable for challenges.
       [Num 9] Super Speed (Toggle)
       Probably one of the most fun options in this trainer is super-speed.
       This will speed your character up by about 3x allowing you zoom
       around the game world quickly. Only takes effect when you are footloose
       (IE. does not work for horses for example). Also, Extalia brings you fully
       'toggleable' options, so you no longer have to restart the game to reset.
       [F1] Super Jump (Toggle)
       Alongside super-speed this is one of the most fun options in this trainer.
       Activate this to jump roughly 3x higher than normal. This is fully toggleable.
       These modifiers (speed + jump) can be used in combination with in-game
       pickups for ultimate effect!
       [F2] Slow-Mo Troops (Toggle)
       This hack will slow all your enemies down to about a 3rd of their original
       speed. This will effect your allies too,but who cares when you can go alone!
       This effects troops only and not horses or other moving 'actors'.
       [F3] Save Position
       Saves your current position in the level, so you can later restore it.
       Will not work between different levels.
       [F4] Restore Position
       Restores your currently saved position, instantly reverting you to your
       previous coordinates in the level. Only works for your character on foot.
       Protective measures are in-place to ensure you don't restore by accident
       to silly places... it happens!
       [F5] Infinite Saves (Toggle)
       Running out of saves on normal or hard difficulty levels? No problem.
       Activate this to turn your saves into an infinite amount. Even after disabling
       this hack, you will never need it again until you start a new game.
       [F6] Infinite Skill Points (Toggle)
       Use this hack after a level end, and you will be able to spend skills points
       without ever running low! Make sure to disable it at some point though, as the
       game needs you to spend all the points before advancing. Don't go overkill.
       [F7] Kill all Timers (Toggle)
       Use this hack to stop all game timers. Use it again to start them again. This
       hack is extremely flexible. You can use it over any game-mode or challenge.
       This will stop both increasing challenge timers, and musou/free mode timers.
       [F8] Unlock all Scenarios
       Once toggled this will unlock all game stages for selection. If you save the
       game you can make the changes permanent. If you wish not to spoil things then
       simply restart the game after testing (without saving) to revert back.
       **Activate this at the main menu.
       [F9] Unlock all Characters
       Once toggled this will unlock all characters for selection. If you save the
       game you can make the changes permanent. If you wish not to spoil things then
       simply restart the game after testing (without saving) to revert back.
       **Activate this at the main menu.
       Group Greetz: Extalia, CES, Brewers, ASXDox, Unleashed,
       Reloaded, Deviated and all those keeping gamehacking alive!
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