Modem Doctor Beta test


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This is the first wide-area release of Modem Doctor for Win95/98/NT4+. This release supports all 32-bit versions of the Windows Operating system including;

All Windows 95 and 98 O/S Versions
Windows NT 4.0 (Server and Workstation O/S)
Windows ME
Windows 2000.

New Features:

Support for Windows NT 4.0 and higher (2000).
Support for PCI, PCMCIA, USB Modems.
Includes TCP/IP Stack Diagnostic under the Loopback Menu.
New Point-and-Click Tree Display shows all installed hardware.
Detection of Simulated Uarts and Winmodems (PCI, PCMCIA, other).
Explorer-style display summary of all resources available at all times.
TCP/IP loopback testing.
Improved Uart detection
Test-progression bars and other visual enhancements.