Metrocide Launch Trailer


For the uninitiated, in Metrocide you'll fill the shoes of TJ Trench, a hired killer, and will spend your time running around the a cyberpunk dystopia trying to earn enough cash to buy your way out of the city.

But there's a catch! One-hit kills and perms-death mean that one slip up will send you right back to where you started, so pay close attention to cop drones flying overhead, cameras ready to report you, heavily-armed civilians ready to pounce if they see you commit a crime, cleaning droids who may spot you in the habit of their daily duties and many more!

You'll have plenty of ways to get your kills outside of blasters, shotguns, rifles and pistols, however. On hand will be anti-cop drone EMP bombs, flash bangs, holo-lures and remotely-detonated explosives, as well as your trusty friend Tom the Hacker, who can scrambler the cops' ID systems and have them target someone else.

Every time you're spotted - every time a body is discovered, there's a chance the Metro City Police HQ will dispatch another cop drone to circle overhead. That number of total drones can never be reduced.

Metrocide is OUT NOW on PC and Mac, and is available via Steam,, Humble Store, Gamers Gate and other good digital retailers!