Snipers ‘Invisible, Silent, Deadly’ Trailer

Snipers ‘Invisible, Silent, Deadly’ Trailer Snipers ‘Invisible, Silent, Deadly’ Trailer

Invisible, Silent, Deadly

2024. Somewhere in some country from the previous Eastern Bloc. 12 snipers in a vast urban zone devastated by war....
12 elite warriors ready to test new, state-of-the-art weapons...

Unique tacticians, masters in hiding, equipped with the most sophisticated modern weapons and tools, you use cunning and devious stratagems as well as you master combat techniques.

You are among the best elite shooters of the most renowned special units. Dark war is your profession and you leave nothing to chance.

Let confrontations lead you to victory, get promoted and make your avatar's skills evolve. Purchase new weapons you can improve and new equipment to trap your enemies or hide (hologram projectors, thermal glasses, drones, etc.).

Discover the first online multiplayer FPS exclusively developed for snipers!