Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Immediate Kill:
You will be able to take down most of the aircraft in the game with two standard missles so if an opportunity presents itself where you have a clear shot you can double tap the Circle button on your controller to send both of your loaded missles out together for an immediate kill.

High-G Turns:
You will be able to quickly change your path in dogfights to get an advantage over the enemy if you perform High-G turns. Remember though that if you stay in a High-G turn for too long your plane will stall out as your speed will rapidly drop during this maneuver.

Using the Reticle:
A reticle for your machine gun will appear on the screen once you have got close enough to the enemy. The reason it will appear off center is because it's compensating relative to the enemy's trajectory. To deal damage to the enemy you just need to line up the reticle with the target.

Wasting Missles:
Don't waste your missles, you are only locked onto an enemy when the indicator around them is red.

Aircraft Parts:
There are plenty of aircraft parts you can purchase to enhance your collection of planes. Below are some of the most useful to have:

Light Blisk (Body)
Increases acceleration

Next Gen High-Pressure Components (Body)
Increases top speed

New Rudder Actuators (Body)
Increases yaw manoeuvrability

Bulletproof Fuel Tank (Body)
Increases defence

Directional Proximity Fuze (Arms)
Increases standard missile power

Thrust-Adjusting Steering Device (Arms)
Enhances homing capabilities of regular missiles

Takeoff Weight Augmentation (Arms)
Increases special missile ammunition

Onboard Self-Defense Jammer (Misc)
Reduces homing capabilities of enemy missiles.