Act of War: High Treason - Cheat Codes

Act of War: High Treason - Cheat Codes
Cheat Codes
While playing, press [ENTER] then type any of the following cheat codes. Press [ENTER] again to activate. Code:
fortknox Add 1000 Cash
keyholemaster Reveal Map
ineedalltechnos All Tech
yeepeekaye Nuclear Strike at Cursor
bigbrother Unlock Camera Mode
motherrussia Summon M80 Tank
coolihaveanewcar Summon CIA Armored Van
coolimthepresident Summon U.S. Predisent
swatatyourorders Summon SWAT
ymca Summon U.S. Cop
greenjelly Summon U.K. Cop
bringoutthedead Summon Ambulance
duckhunt Summon a Flying Duck
blackhawkdown Summon SA12 Anti-Aircraft Missile

Camera mode:
After enabling the bigbrother code, hold [Ctrl] [Shift] and press J to cycle through the different camera modes. These are:

Mode 1: Controls the "X", "Y", and "Z" axis
Mode 2: Controls only the "X" and "Y" axis
Mode 3: Normal

To control the axis, you can use either the cursor keys, or the Left Mouse Button Mouse Wheel. If you go through all three modes then hold [Ctrl] [Shift] and press J again, you will start back at Mode 1, but without the values that you previously set.