ATV Offroad Fury 2 - Cheat codes

ATV Offroad Fury 2 - Cheat codes

Cheat codes

at the cheats screen enter:

FLYPAPER - Wrecks disabled/enabled
GIMMEPTS - 1000 profile points
IGIVEUP - Unlock everything
GAMEON - All minigames unlocked
TRLBLAZR - All tracks
THREADS - All equipment
GOLDCUPS - All championship events
GABRIEL - Unlock San Jacinto Isles
EATDIRT - Aggressive AI enabled/disabled

Unlimited Freestyle Points

To start the cheat off you have to enter FLYPAPER in the cheats menu. Play Freestyle, Pick a half decent jump to catch some air, then Pull all the way back and do a trick while in the air. Note: Make sure that you hold the trick buttons when you land

Then land on your back with the wheels leveled to the sky. This will allow you to do as many trick combos as you like

Talon quads

To get the Talon bikes 4 of them beat the training mode and it will say you have unlocked the Talons.

Extra Gear

If you have ATV Off Road Fury, put it in and save the game. Then you put part 2 in and create a new profile, Save it on the same memory card After it gets done it will say G-Ride stuff has been unlocked. You get Boots, Gloves, a Helmet, Clothing, and a pimped out ATV

Get Tony Hawk

To get tony hawk in atv part 2 go to cheats in profile editor and type tony hawk
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