Street Hoops - Various Cheats

Street Hoops - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

Go to the Options/cheats screen and press the following:

Regular ball R1, Square, Square, L1
RWB Ball Circle, R2, Square, R2
Black Ball R2, R2, Circle, L2
Get Tuxedo Outfit L2, L2, Circle, Square
Get Cowboy Outfit Circle, R2, R2, R1
Get Pimp Outfit R1, Square, Circle, L2
Get Kung Fu Outfit Circle, Circle, Square, L1
Get Clown Outfit Square, L1, Square, Circle
Shot release text L1, L1, R1, R1, Circle, Circle, Square, Square
Perfect Shots Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, R1, R2
Court Select Ball Circle, Square, Circle, L1, Circle, Square, Square
Get Elvis Outfit Circle, L2, R2, L2, L2, R2, L1, L2
Get Santa Outfit R2, L2, R2, L2
Get Brick City Outfit R1, L2, R1, L1, Circle, Square, R1, L1
Power Game R2, Circle, L2, Circle
Easy Steals R1, Square, Square, Square, R1, L2, Circle, R2
Easy Blocks R1, Circle, L2, R2

Various Tricks

Fake Right: Press Up, Down, Right.
Fake Left: Press Up, Down, Left.
Whooow: Press R2, Left, Right, Circle.
Shamgod: Press L1, L2, Up Square.
Around The World: Press R2, L1, Down, X.
Maja Look: Hold R1 R2 and press Square.
Look Up: Press L2, R2, Down, Up, Circle.
Slip N Slide: Press R1, L1, Square.

Get Xzibit

Finish the Lord of the Court challenge using any difficulty

Unlock Lil' Romeo & Master P

Go to the game's Foot Action store and buy several 1000 in gear. Once you have spent enough they will be waiting outside the store

Also reported as: Purchase an outfit for a 5 man teampants, shirt, hat, shoes, & glasses from P. Miller clothing line and once you exit Footaction you will have Master P. and Lil' Romeo.

Bookie cheat

When you bet money with your bookie and you lose just turn off your system and go back there and you'll have all your money that you lost

Unlock Silk the Shocker

play lord of the court on novice win and he will be unlocked

Easy Money

In world tournaments mode bet all your money on dunks, and then during the game only dunk the ball. This will double the money you bet even if you lose the game.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Infinite Money DEAB57DE C19E7B82
Team 1 Scores 0 FE94D452 BCA99B83
Team 1 Scores 99 FE94D452 BCA99BE6
Press L3 For Team 2 Scores 00 0EAAD378 BCA99A80
FE94D456 BCA99B83
Press L3 For Team 1 Scores 99 0EAAD378 BCA99A80
FE94D452 BCA99BE6
Press L3 For Team 1 on Fire 0EAAD378 BCA99A80
Team 2 Scores 0 FE94D456 BCA99B83
Team 2 Scores 99 FE94D456 BCA99BE6
Press R3 For Team 1 Scores 00 0EAAD378 BCA99A7E
FE94D452 BCA99B83
Press R3 For Team 2 Scores 99 0EAAD378 BCA99A7E
FE94D456 BCA99BE6
Press R3 For Team 2 on Fire 0EAAD378 BCA99A7E
Press Down For No Time 0EAAD378 BCA99A42
Press Up For More Time 0EAAD378 BCA99A72
Unlock The Dome, MD Court DE98A946 BCA99B84
Unlock 11th & Lombard, PA Court DE98A942 BCA99B84
Unlock Jackson Park, IL Court DE98A94E BCA99B84
Unlock Mosswood Park, CA Court DE98A94A BCA99B84
Unlock The Cage, NY Court DE98A956 BCA99B84
Unlock Venice Beach, CA Court DE98A952 BCA99B84
Unlock Rucker Park, NY Court DE98A95E BCA99B84
Unlock La Perla, PR Court DE98A95A BCA99B84
Unlock Queen's Park, UK Court DE98A962 BCA99B84
Unlock Acropolis, Greece Court DE98A96E BCA99B84
Unlock Tribal Park, Congo Court DE98A966 BCA99B84
Begin at the Finals: Lord of the Court 0E964C7E BCA99B83