Backyard Wrestling - Big evertything mode

Backyard Wrestling - Big evertything mode

Big evertything mode

Name your wrestler tho.

Big feet mode

Name your player tpiperi.

Big hand mode

Name your wrestler okendall.

Big head mode

Name your wrestler rtaylor.

Activate Cheat codes

Go to the main menu then hold L1 and hit X, square, triangle, circle, X, square, triangle, circle.

First person camera

Name your wrestler edma.

Get Ghost mode

Name your player pjefferies.

Get Greyscale mode

Name your wrestler ksimeonov.

Halo mode

Name your wrestler jgintu.

Hardcore Al difficulty

Name your wrestler stomanovski.

Invincible players

Name your wrestler denicholas.

Player 1 is invincible

Name your wrestler jche.

Player 2 invincible

Name your wrestler cbarlow.

Unlimited super moves for player 1

Name your wrestler ddaniels.

Unlimited super moves for player 2

Name your wrestler jmaxwell.

Unlock Clowning Around Video

Complete the list given on the last stage at the TV studio.

Unlock Jamie Madrox

Win the game using Sabu.

Unlock JCW Boys video

Do the list given on the mall stage.

Unlock Tom Dub the Giant Killer

Win the game using any character to get Madman Pondo, then win using Madman Pondo.

Wireframe mode

Name your wrestler ewilliams.

Unlock all Videos

Do all the challenges in Talk Show mode. Videos like Babes of The Backyard.

Get all Characters

You have to go to talk show mode and beat it and you get the first 25 characters and all stages then go to survival mode and get the other 5 characters.

Mega cheat

At main menu hold L1 and press x, square, triangle, circle, x, square, triangle and circle.
Submitted by Kendy