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Strategy Guide by ACamelo

Strategy Guide by Amrul Isham Ismail

Destroy building without Attacking

Once you see the enemy base without the fog covering it. Select the enemy building that you want to destroy. After highlighting it press CTRLD and keep pressing it till you see the building destroyed. You can do this to your allies to Evil Laugh

Easy Yin Points

Lotus Clan:
Build a Tomb of Brothers and summon Lythis, then have him attack a tree. Serpent Clan:
Train a Ronin, and learn the Yin Blade Battle Gear. Use the Yin Blade to attack a tree.

Unlimited Brothers

1. Build a Crypt of Brothers.

2. Create 1 brother any of them and place them in a tower.

3. Destroy the Crypt of Brothers.

4. Remove the brother from the tower.

5. Create a new Crypt of Brothers.

6. Repeat.

Brothers normally die when the Crypt is destroyed, but with this the brothers wont die and you will be able to create more than 3 brothers at the same time.

Unlimited Ninjas For The Serpent Clan

1.Train a Ronin and learn it a Battle Gear Blood Bond to the Thieves Guild.
2.Next,summon the 4 Ninjas on the Keep then select one Ninja on it.
3.Then,use the Ronin's Blood Bond by pressing key B and Target it into the selected Ninja.
Then put the Ninja in the watchtower.Be sure there's no fun giesha around the watchtower to avoid Ninja from Healing on it.4.Try to attack the Ronin in the enemy base or to the enemy units.Only you have to do is to Sacrifice the Ronin from enemies attack.As long as Ronin damage himself Ninja will also decreases hislife.
5.Finally,go to the Keep be sure you have many resources and Yin.Then click the Ninja on the keep as long as you have many resources and Yin.The more numbers of Ninja you can summon on the Keep.
6.Repeat and Repeat as you can have to do.....................................

Hint: Yin on water Lotus clan only

If you have Crypt Of Brothers, select brother Lythis' attack Ground On Water. This results in having unlimited Yin in the Lotus clan.
Submitted by Renato

Hint: Easy Yang gain Dragon clan only

Train at least seven Kabuki Warriors in the fireworks building. Let them fight, then choose their ability or continuously press B.
Submitted by Renato

Hint: Full life and werewolf Wolf clan only

Train a peasant and make it a Berserker. Then, bless it by the Druidness by its lycantrophy. Attack the enemy base with many Berserkers with lycantrophy. When any Berserker has less life, use its ability and it will be at full life and a werewolf.
Submitted by Renato

Hint: More Necromancers Serpent clan only

Build a Necromancers Throne and create a Necromancer. Then, get a Ronin with a Blood Bond battle gear. Blood Bond him with the Necromancer, then send the Necromancer up into a Watchtower. Fill up the Necromancers Throne with four more Ronins, then send the Blood Bonded Ronin to the enemy base and see him die. When you look at your Necromancers Throne, you should have a new Necromancer. Repeat this if needed. Note: A Geisha, allied or your own, must be nowhere near the Watchtower.
Submitted by Renato

Hint: More Ninjas Serpent clan only

Get enough Yin. Create a Keep. Get four Ninjas. Get four Ronins who have Blood Bond battle gear. Blood Bond each Ronin to a Ninja, then send the Ninjas up the four Watchtowers. Send the Blood Bonded Ronins to the enemy base and watch them die. Notice that the Ninjas are still in the watchtowers and they are regenerating. Click on your keep and summon more Ninjas. Note: A Geisha, allied or your own, must not be near the watchtowers.
Submitted by Renato

Hint: More Golems Lotus clan only

Make a Keep then summon the hero Soban. Make the three Golems, then save the game and load it. You will see that the Golems are free again. Repeat this to get as man Golems as desired.
Submitted by Renato

Hint: More Spirit Warriors by a Necromancer Serpent clan only

Train 4 Ronins and bring them to the Necromancer Throne. A Necromancer will appear. Summon three Spirit Warriors and then quick save the game. Bring those three Spirit Warriors to fight and let them die. Then, quick load the game and you will now be able to summon three new Spirit Warriors with a same Necromancer. The three newly summoned Spirit Warriors must go to die, then quick save the game. Repeat the steps to summon more Spirit warriors.
Submitted by Renato

Hint: One hit kill for Heroes Lotus and Serpent clans only

For Lotus use Brother Lythis or Tausil. For the Serpent, use a Ronin with trained Yin Blade. Collect at least 100 yin points at least 206 recommended. After collecting the prescribed points, create a Hero. It will kill a unit with one hit, and at requires least ten hits for destroying structures.
Submitted by Renato

Hint: One hit kill for Koril Lotus clan only

First, make the Crypt Of Brothers then summon the three. Then, use the Yin trick points. Next, make a Keep then watch your Yin. When your Yin makes about 200 attack Issyl to the enemy base. Issyl is unbeatable and sends some Ninjas on horses with upgraded abilities, then five healers in Lotus that ride on horses.
Submitted by Renato

Hint: Consuming Lotus clan only

Build a Watchtower, then send one Peasant in the tower. Send a group of Unclean One, Diseased One and Infested One to consume the Peasant on the tower. They probably will eat the tower, but all of them have skills
Submitted by Renato

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