BloodRayne 2 - God mode

BloodRayne 2 - God mode
God mode:
Enter Uber Taint Joad Durf Kwis as a cheat code.

All powers:
Enter Blank Ugly Pustule Eater as a cheat code.

Enemies explode:
Enter Dodge This Moist Pimp as a cheat code.

Infinite ammo:
Enter Ugly Dark Heated Orange Quaff as a cheat code.

Infinite rage:
Enter Pimp Reap Dark Dark Muse as a cheat code.

Gun experience:
Enter Late Nurture Qweef Super as a cheat code.

Freeze enemies:
Enter Blue Green Purple Imp as a cheat code.

Overload mode:
Enter This Dark Distorted Reality as a cheat code.

Time factor:
Enter Quantum Lament Distorted Doting as a cheat code.

Unlock all combos:
Enter Bone This Curry Vote as a cheat code.

Unlock all guns:
Enter Whiskey Fake Kablow Shoot as a cheat code.

Unlock everything:
Enter Want This Dark Reality Taint Qweef as a cheat code.

Unlock outfits:
Enter Whack Lick Erotic Cunningly as a cheat code.

Carnage points:
Enter Cargo Fire Imp Kak as a cheat code.

All FMV Sequences:
Enter Pension Reap Super Vulgar as a cheat code.

Fill Bloodlust:
Enter Naked Juggy Resistance Pacy as a cheat code.

Level Select:
Enter Anomalies Are Juan Insulated as a cheat code.

Restore Health:
Enter Nurture Happy Pustule Eraser as a cheat code.

Refill Ammo:
Enter Whack This Molested Ninja as a cheat code.

Enter Ardent Hungry Naked Ninja as a cheat code.

Unlimited Health/Rage:
Enter Terminal Reality Super Uber XXX Vacate as a cheat code.

Juggy Mode:
Enter Fake Bust Cunningly Distorted as a cheat code.

Programmer messages:
Enter one of the following codes to view a programmer message.


Secret conversations from enemies:
Whenever you see enemies that are around the corner, try not to let them see you. Listen to what some of them are talking about. In other levels there may be enemies behind doors. Kick the doors and they may say something.

See BloodRayne's breasts:
When you wear the gown costume, swing her blade. Pause game play in the middle of the swing to get a closer look. You can also see them while doing jump attacks.

Shrub pruning:
After fighting the minions in the ballroom, find the door that leads out the courtyard. Before you jump onto the poles, try trimming the shrubs with your blades to find a few hidden surprises.

Undead Rayne:
In any level where Rayne can jump onto an object that is slanted enough so that she cannot stand on it and against a wall, have her jump onto it and land between it and the wall. She will continue to slowly flail her arms as if she were falling, and eventually she will just fall to the side dead saying "Rayne needs to feed". Then the "Game Over" menu will appear. The best place to try this is The Meatpacking District: Alleys and Rooftops, where there are several white poles sticking against walls.

Unlimited DeathFight:
On any part of the game when you have to destroy something such as fireplaces, fans, garbage trucks, etc., you can ignore those rules and keep fighting as much as desired.

Alternate Cheat Mode:
Use a text editor to edit the "rayne" file in the "bloodrayne2system" directory. Locate the "[Cheats]" heading. Change the "0" values to "1" to activate the corresponding cheat.

BloodRayne references:
During level 1, the mansion, you will hear background music from the original BloodRayne. In level 2, the meatpacking district, you will start at the bar. Go upstairs where you must throw the enemies in the fan. There are BloodRayne arcade machines to the left of the fan.