Bloody Spell

Bloody Spell

Easy Blood (Currency) Farming:

The easiest and fastest way to farm Blood, so far...

In this guide I want to show you an easy, fast and safe way to farm Red
Orbs/Souls/Blood. At the time of writing this works perfectly fine every

The easiest way I found, is to exit the game right before you face off
against the Boss of the second level:

The game will save your position, inventory etc. and all enemies in the
level will be dead (even ones you haven't killed) and all doors will be
open (even ones you skipped). All chests will be restocked and randomized
and all destroyable objects will be back as well. All spots that have a
chance of having an NPC, will be randomized, too, so you get extra chances
at playing one of the minigames each time. Watch out for traps, though -
those are back, too.

So, after quitting to the main menu screen, load your game, safely backtrack
through the whole level, collecting everything, head back to the area before
the Boss, quit again, load again. You can do this infinitely and be rich and
well equipped in no time.

Since the shopping pillars will also randomly be restocked, you can also
improve some of your Bloodthirsties by buying Blood Ambers.