Carmageddon 2 - Various Cheats

Carmageddon 2 - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Codes" during gameplay:

Code Effect
wetwet Credit Bonus
lemmingize Disable Pedestrian AI
fastbast Fast Pedestrains
smartbastard Finish Race
wotatwatami Slippery Tires
tingting Free Repairs
cintonco Hot Rod
mooningminnie Lunar Gravity
bigdangle Mutant Tail
mrmainwaring Panicked Pedestrians
tilty Pinball Mode
stiffspasms Mutant Corpses
stopsnatch Toggle Timer
watersport Underwater Capability
stickytyres Wall Climbing
goodhead Pedestrians Have Stupid Heads
eveningoccifer Drunk Driving
timmytitty Time Bonus
zazaz Pedestrian Annihilator
powpow Repulse Opponents
clangclang Trashed Bodywork
fryingtonight Pedestrian Electric Ray
bigtwat Solid Granite Car
bloodyhippy Drugs
twatoff Explosive Pedestrians
xrayspeks Ethereal Pedestrians
fryfry Pedestrian Flamethrower
oypowerupno No PowerUps
dotaction Pedestrians On Map
takemetakeme Suicidal Pedestrians
didedodi Lay Mines
iwishicouldflyrightuptothesky Flight Mode
glugglug Mega Bonus
stickits Pedestrians Are Stuck
megabum Giant Pedestrians
clintonco Hot Rod
supacocks Invincibility
mingming Instant Repairs
blueballz Frozen Opponents
bluepigs Frozen Police
swiftyshifty Turbo Opponents
pigsmightfly Turbo Police
eyepopper Instant Handbrake
jigajig Bouncy Mode
mrwobbley Jelly Suspension
stuffitup Damage Magnifier
anglemolesters Immortal Pedestrians
whizz Turbo
supawhizz Mega Turbo
pillpop Five Recovery Vouchers
duffride Rock Springs
rubberup Gripomatic Tires
ledsleds Jupiter Gravity
easypeasy Slow Motion Pedestrians
tinytoss Mini Pedestrians
furkinell Turbo Bastard Nutter Nitros
hotass Afterburner
liquidlunge Oil Slicks
skippypoos Kangaroo on Command
oohmessymess Dismemberfest
getdown Grooving Pedestrians
fartsuits Helium Pedestrians
largeone Angry Pedestrians
hippotart Far Pedestrians
bloodyartists Stick Insects
cowcow Pedestrian Repulsificator
osostrong Extra Armor
osofast Extra Power
osonasty Extra Offensive
osoversatile Extra Everything
ohsostrongsostong Double Extra Armor
ohsofastsofast Double Extra Power
ohsonastysonasty Double Extra Offensive
osoversatilesoversatile Double Extra Everything
stringvest Max Armor
vastnesses Max Power
fistnesses Max Offensive
skegnesses Max Everything
thatsalotofarmour Extra Armor Slot
thatsalotofpower Extra Power Slot
thatsalotofoffal Extra Offensive Slot
thatsalotofslots Extra Slots All Around
strongbones Bonus Armor Slots
fastbones Bonus Power Slots
nastybones Bonus Offensive Slots
loadsabones Bonus Slots All Around
ineedapill Pedestrian Valium
bonbon Slaughter Mortar
gotoinfrared Cloaking Device

File Editing

There are files in the directory where you installed the game with the extension .twt. Open up any of these files with your favorite text editor and you can change the cost of cars gravity powerup stuff cost of repairing/recover and about anything else in the game. Just make sure you backup the file before doing any editing. The file size needs to remain the same so if you remove a character add a space and if you add a character remove a space. If you need any more info please contact Calvin Brodius below.
Submitted by: Calvin Brodius