Championship Manager 5 - Recommended players


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Recommended players:

Victor Valdes: FC Barcelona
P.Cech: Chelsea
C.Kirkland: Liverpool

Felipe WB/MLC: SC Internacional
Rodriguez FB/DLC: Villareal CF
J.Carragher FB RLC: Liverpool
L.Baines FBL: Wigan Athletic
Alex Gonzalez DC: Real Madrid

M.Essien DMC: Lyon
Xabi Alonso MRC: Liverpool
S. Gerrard MC: Liverpool
F.Lampard MC: Chelsea
Joaquin WG RLC: Real Betis
Fabio Santos WB/MLC: Sao Paulo FC

Adriano SC: Inter
D. Cisse SC: Liverpool
W.Rooney SC: Man Utd
M. Owen SC: Real Madrid
M.Baros SC: Liverpool
Jo SC: Free Transfer

Use the following players to create a dream team:

GK: Petr Cech Chelsea
RB: Carles Puyol Barca
LB: Ashley Cole Arsenal
CB: Rio Ferdinand Man U
CB: Alessandro Nesta AC Milan
DM: Steven Gerrard Liverpool
AM: Pablo Aimar Valencia
RM: Joaquin Real Betis
LM: Arjen Robben Chelsea
CF: Thierry Henry Arsenal
CF: Ronaldinho Barca

The following players are bargains:

GK: Steve Simonsen Stoke
RB: Dennis Brinkmann Alemannia
LB: Nicky Shorey Reading
CB: Matt Hill Preston
CB: Lewis Buxton Stoke
DM: Tom Huddlestone Derby
AM: G. Jamarauli Metalurg Donetsk
RM: E. Bopp N. Forest
LM: Craig Armstrong Bradford
CF: Chris Hermansen Vejle
CF: David Nugent Preston

Some of the following young players may be expensive, but they are worth it.

GK: M. Moreau
RB: Steven Watt
LB: Tobias Rau
CB: A. Vanden Borre
CB: Vincent Kompany
DM: Tom Huddlestone
AM: Diego
RM: Cristiano Ronaldo
LM: Manuel Fernandes
CF: Robinho
CF: Derek Riordan

The following players are experienced pros.

GK: Victor Baia Porto
RB: Stefano Torrisi Bologna
LB: Graham Le Saux Soton
CB: Johan Mjallby Levante
CB: Leonidas Vokolos POAK
DM: T.Fink Bayern Munich
AM: Don Hutchinson West Ham
RM: Oyvind Leonhardsen Lyn
LM: Valery Karpin Real Sociedad
CF: Kevin Campbell WBA
CF: P. Van Hoojdonk Fenerbahce

Top range keeper:
If you want a top range keeper and have about £14 to 16 million to spend, Timo Hildebrand from VFB Stuttgart is recommended. His skills rival those of Chelsea keeper Petr Chec.

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